10 Things To Do When The Internet is Down

10 Things To Do When The Internet is Down - Just Murrayed
As I write this, we don’t have internet. That’s 20 days WITHOUT internet. That’s 20 days of lugging my laptop bag up a hill to the closest Starbucks once or twice a day. Apparently even if you stick with the same provider moving across the country setting up the internet is pure torture. I’ve rediscovered lots of activities that can easily get neglected when you just HAVE to Instagram what you ate for breakfast.

Here are my top things to do when your internet is down.

1. Talk with your spouse or friends
I know, I know, this is an obvious one but talk with your spouse because they are equally wanting to kill something because they also don’t have internet. Misery loves company.

2. Read
I’m blazing through books which is awesome between commuting and no internet it’s been great getting lost in another world where even those characters have the internet.

3. Play a board game
Uh okay, confession we haven’t played any board games mostly because we also still don’t have any of our stuff from Toronto but also because it’s WAY too nice to be playing board games but it’s always an option for others.

4. Exercise
We’re taking advantage of this glorious Vancouver weather to get out and explore our new city. Having the internet gives us zero excuses because it’s better than just staring at each other in silence inside our empty apartment.

5. Call your parents
So, seriously, be a good child and call your parents. They always want to know what you’re up too.

6. Go to the movies
The movies are the perfect entertainment even if it’s not a great movie. You have food, air conditioning and the entertainment of the movie. It’s practically like you’re inside your house surfing the internet.

7. Clean your house
You’ll hit the boredom pretty quickly and you’ll notice ALL these spots that from afar look clean but they aren’t so grab and rag and start cleaning. Bonus because you’re house gets clean AND you can clean away your frustration of no internet.

8. Sudoku or other number games
I hadn’t played Sudoku in a LONG time but I picked up a book from the dollar store and it’s given me hours of endless entertainment, even if I want to rip up the Sudoku book now because they are becoming tedious.

9. Visit friends
This should happen even if you have the internet, but it’s easy to neglect the face-to-face conversations in favour for a quick Facebook chat, but now’s the time to get out there and see them.

10. Cry about not having the internet
We haven’t hit that stage yet, but I can tell you we’re teetering pretty darn close to this. Seriously, modem just get here and no one gets hurt. I kid, I kid.

If you find yourself without the internet, don’t fret too much. Just go down the street to your local Starbucks and make some friends with your friendly barista and stay for hours. They won’t hate you too much.

So tell me, if you found yourself without the internet what would you do with your hours and hours of time?


10 thoughts on “10 Things To Do When The Internet is Down

  1. Great post! Really enjoyed the suggestions. As our internet provider often has troubles it’s very common that we don’t have a connection for several hours. I often grab a book or start doing my laundry 🙂


  2. It’s funny how attached we become to things like the internet. You can’t see it, but you rely on it for SO MUCH. My parents have really awful internet out in the country so when I’m come home from college in the summers (or on some weekends) it was such an awful adjustment for me! There’s enough internet to send iMessages but FORGET about netflix or facebook or anything like that! Haha.


    1. It’s so true, we rely on it almost for everything. The Mister and I would be like, “oh we need to look up so and so” and then we’d remember we can’t and it would frustrate us so much!

      Wow, your parents must really be out in the country if you can’t even surf Facebook! There are small towns near where I grew up that still are on dial-up…I can’t even imagine since I lived in town and got it pretty quickly!


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