Outdoorsy Date Night Ideas

Outdoorsy Date Night Ideas - Just Murrayed

It’s no secret one of the motivating factors in moving to Vancouver was being closer to nature. To me, the perfect date is being outdoors with The Mister, doing an activity where we can still talk because it always seems like we have the best conversations when we’re outside and moving.

There are an AMAZING number of dates you can have outside, but here are some of my faves! I know you’ll want to try all of these outdoorsy date night ideas!

1. Hiking
2. Nature Trail Walk
3. Camping
4. Skiing or snowboarding
5. Snowshoeing
6. Picnic in the park
7. Biking
8. Go skating on an outdoor rink
9. Fishing
10. Geocaching
11. Go tubing down a river
12. Go to the beach
13. Stargaze
14. Paddle boat for two
15. Catch an outdoor movie or concert

If you try any of these, I’m sure you’ll have a blast! Between the sunshine and good feelings between your spouse and you, you’ll be talking about your outdoorsy date night for a long time!

So tell me, what are your favourite outdoorsy date nights? Have you tried any of these?


13 thoughts on “Outdoorsy Date Night Ideas

  1. I’m trying to convince my husband that we should get kayaks and go out to the lakes in the summer! Haha! So far he’s not convinced. I want to get two 2-seaters so we can bring the pups ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Do it! It’s one of the things I wasn’t sure I would like but we’ve done it a couple times in Toronto and it was seriously SO fun, we just need to do it again now that we’re in Vancouver. I’m sure you’ll have a ton of fun!


  2. I would add “Play Pokemon Go” to your list. lol though while we’re playing we’re usually also hiking, walking a nature trail, picnicing, biking, stargazing and/or geocaching. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. haha yes! I haven’t played Pokemon Go because I have an addictive personality so I know once I start I’ll want to finish and then nothing will get done!


      1. And what’s worse is, there is no “finish” to this game. I mean, sure you can eventually “catch them all” (but it’s really difficult because some are only found on specific continents) but you can keep getting more points and leveling yourself and your pokemon up to be more effective.


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