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Awkward and Awesome: Vancouver Edition

Waaaaaaayyyy before I started a blog, I read a lot of blogs and when life got busy the bloggers would ultimately post an Awk+Awe post to give their readers a small glimpse into their busy life, so I thought since we are still without internet, this would be a good time to bust it out along with some pictures of things we’ve been up to since it’s been crazy.

– Not having internet….still…don’t get me started…
– We still don’t have our stuff from Toronto. It’s on a truck though, so it makes our apartment look VERY empty.
– The first time we were on a bus here we heard people thanking the bus drivers, it was SO foreign to us because very few people do that in Toronto but EVERYONE in Vancouver does it. It’s actually quite awesome!
– One of my first days here I was sitting in a Starbucks just like I am now and saw a homeless person break into two cars by smashing the windows. Luckily, two retired cops happened to be in the Starbucks as well and saw it transpire and they had a fast track number to the police, so while on the phone they followed him and he was caught.
– There are SO many hills. I thought I’d be prepared since I grew up on a street that was a giant hill but I’m 10 years older and WAY more out of shape than I was then and it’s sucks. It is getting easier though!
– The other day I came home from work to find The Mister going a bit stir crazy.
– I’ve become addicted to Starbucks Green Tea Lemonades…I’m pretty sure it’s the sugar but who knew I’d actually drink tea.
– My hair which has spent 29.5 years basically doing what I want it to do thanks to it being straight with a slight wave has become unruly with this Vancouver weather. I’m pretty sure I’ve had my hair up more days in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 15 years.

– Mountains: we haven’t ventured out for a hike but we will be soon and there are mountains everywhere that when I get a glimpse of them they instantly put a smile on my face.
– We have a nature trail like a 5 minute walk from our house that have these huge trees and an amazing amount of wildlife. I’m becoming a budding birder, watching the trees closely to see what types of birds I can see.
– Our apartment. I mentioned in this post that it’s awesome, and we are still SO in love with it.
– Speaking of transit, the Skytrain has been amazing, or maybe it’s just because I’m comparing it to the broken transit system of Toronto.
– People are so polite. Holding doors, saying ‘excuse me’ and helping senior citizens across the street.
– We’ve been doing LOTS of things with friends, despite their crazy schedules. It’s been nice being able to have a good laugh!
– New date night spots! We’ve found LOTS of awesome gluten-free options!
So tell me, what’s awkward and awesome in your life?


8 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome: Vancouver Edition

    1. I think I have a problem, I’m getting TWO grandes a day….I don’t think I’ve ever drank that much tea in any form in my entire life but they are SO, SO good.


    1. I know, right? You think all Canadians are polite but we definitely aren’t all polite and courteous people, so it’s been amazing to discover a whole city of polite people here in Vancouver!

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  1. Have you had the PEACH green tea lemonade from Starbucks?? Addicting. Haha! I love that everyone is so polite; that’s so refreshing and uplifting. Well, except the car break-ins. How fortunate that those retired cops were right there!! I’m glad you guys are enjoying yourselves!

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  2. I like this idea for a blog post. I’ve never heard of it before. I’m having a touch of Vancouver big city nostalgia reading your blog. I live in a really small Canadian city.


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