One Last Good Deed & Good Friends

One Last Good Deed & Good Friends - Just Murrayed
Yahoo! I am SO happy to be blogging again!

I’m participating in Chelsea’s ‘Tell Me Something Good‘ linkup today but first I have a story that hopefully will be a PSA for all of you walk-and-texters(me included!).

The Wednesday before we headed to Vancouver I was walking back to my apartment from the grocery store, cell phone in one hand and groceries in the other when I saw a young 20-something woman in front of me who was walking and texting. I started walking slower to watch her because I noticed she hadn’t looked up even once in the 30 seconds I had been watching her. I continued to walk behind her and then I got a text so I stopped and looked down at my text and to respond and then when I looked up I watched the woman walk into a wooden pole. Her nose started gushing and she looked dazed, so I ran over to her and asked her “are you alright?” and before I even heard her answer, I noticed we were basically in front of a walk-in clinic so I took her by the arm into the walk-in clinic to get checked out by a doctor. After that, I’m not sure what happened because I figured she would be fine with the doctors so I left her at the medical clinic.

For sure, that story alone could be a ‘tell me something good’ but there are some awesome people in my life right now that I thought I would thank them as well!

To our good friends Chris and Lauren who not only picked us up from the Vancouver airport but organized a brunch with a bunch of our Vancouver friends when we arrived and THEN took us back to their place so we could crash for two weeks until we moved into our apartment and has been showing us the ropes of Vancouver. They’ve gone WAY beyond anything I could imagine and I’m so grateful!

So tell me, do you have friends who go way beyond what you would ‘expect’ from friends? Tell me some good in your life!



4 thoughts on “One Last Good Deed & Good Friends

  1. Whoa- that’s definitely a good don’t-text-and-walk lesson. I’m glad you were there to help her! And yay for good friends! It’s so wonderful to have people like that in your life!


    1. It certainly taught me a lesson, seeing her walk into the pole was actually quite traumatic, now I’m watching everyone who is doing it and making sure they stay alert even if they have their head in their phone.


  2. oh my goodness! i can’t believe you witnessed her walk into a pole – yikes! good on you for helping her too 🙂

    what awesome friends you already have in BC – that has to help with moving to a new city SO much! can’t wait to hear more about your new adventures! thanks so much linking up elyse – i have missed you!


    1. Ya, in all seriousness it was pretty intense to see the aftermath of a walk into a pole.

      Ya, my friends are awesome! We are loving taking adventures with them, whether it’s just seeing another part of the city or even the province! There is SO much to do.


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