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Vancouver Life - Just Murrayed
Hiya Blog Friends!

It feels like it’s been a LOOOOOOONNNNGGG time since we’ve talked, even though it’s been about 2 to 3 weeks, but in blog time that IS a long time.

We still don’t have internet, so I’m at a Starbucks hanging out while The Mister gets some work done. I’ve been posting photos on Instagram, and for this week and probably next, you’re best bet is to see what I’m up to there!

This post will be a bit of a brain dump so try to follow along!

The past weeks have been spent exploring our new area, and let me tell ya, it’s even MORE beautiful than I could ever imagine. There are mountains EVERYWHERE. Not to be outdone by the mountains, there is ocean and trees. I am loving the restaurants that I’ve experienced, but there are still WAY more that we need to try.

In ways it feels 100% different from Toronto, like when people hold doors for you,say “thank you” to the bus drivers. In ways, it feels exactly the same because I am using the same money, I speak the language, and most stores are familiar to me.

We moved into our new apartment on July 1st but our stuff hasn’t arrived so we have the bare essentials, like a few pieces of clothing, a mattress and personal stuff. I’m hoping it comes soon but who knows! Our apartment is wonderful, there are these HUGE windows in every room and we get a small glimpse of mountains, but the best part about our apartment is the linen closet. Ya, I know, I’m old person because I get excited over a linen closet. It’s also located in a good spot, in between all of our friends who live in different areas of Vancouver.

Here are some pics of the awesome things we’ve been doing here in Vancouver:

Vancouver Life - just murrayed -1
A tugboat carrying logs. It doesn’t get more Canadian than that eh?
Vancouver Life - just murrayed -2
Vancouver Life - just murrayed -3
Walking along the water.
Vancouver Life - just murrayed -4
Found The Gluten-free Epicurean which is a short bus ride from our house! That’s a pulled pork sandwich with chips and a cola that was fantastic!
Vancouver Life - just murrayed -5
Amazing gluten-free pizza from Rocky Mountain Flatbread that we had last Saturday.
Vancouver Life - just murrayed -6
This is the cute shop The Gluten-free Epicurean!
Vancouver Life - just murrayed -7
Walked to English Bay to enjoy the sunshine and the view!
Vancouver Life - just murrayed -8
If you know The Mister and I, you know we love Purdy’s. It’s just an awesome coincidence that our apartment is a short walk to the factory!

Stay tuned for Friday’s post because I am going to be participating in Chelsea’s ‘Tell Me Something Good’ linkup!

So tell me, what’s new with you? What have I missed in the world, blogging or otherwise?


12 thoughts on “Vancouver Life

    1. Yes, you must come visit! Bookstores just aren’t the same with The Mister! Not to mention, my IPhone seems to miraculously work here and there’s no 30 minute app! We would be going on way less adventures here!


    1. A dresser is a cute idea instead of a linen closet! In the past we’ve just used plastic bin in our closet…it worked but it was so annoying having to dig through a plastic bin.


  1. yay i’ve missed you ’round these parts! love that you are LOVING it there! can’t wait to hear more details about your new adventures and life in the ‘couve. totally jealous you live within walking distance to a chocolate factory – good strategy folks!

    can’t wait to hear what your ‘tell me something good’ is too! YAY!


    1. There is SO much I want to write about because we are SO loving it here. Once, we have internet I have a feeling the posts will be coming fast and furious because I feel like I’m so out of the loop!


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