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BC Bucket List

BC Bucket List - Just Murrayed

When The Mister and I finally decided to move to British Columbia and after my brain recovered from thinking about all the things I’d miss and also all the things we’d need to do to move to British Columbia, I got excited. Like, really excited. I don’t put a whole lot of stock on bucket lists because I feel like if you don’t do them you’ll feel an even bigger letdown BUT if I was 100% honest, there are some things I know I have to do! I feel they’ll be attainable, which I think is the most important aspect of making and completing goals.

So without further ado my BC bucket list:

1. Ski Whistler.
Growing up as a Canadian girl who skis, this was the mecca of skiing. I’m sure there are better mountains that get more snow or have better runs but Whistler was THE place to have an awesome ski trip and I am so excited to go skiing. Ya know, right after The Mister learns to ski…

2. Go whale watching.
Growing up I was obsessed with a few types of animals: primates, otters, meerkats, penguins, cows and whales. This has been on my bucket list since I was about 8 years old, so this is a MUST!

3. Watch the Toronto Blue Jays play at another stadium
There aren’t any major league baseball teams in British Columbia, but Vancouver is so close to Seattle, that I’m so stoked to go see the Toronto Blue Jays play at Safeco Field in Seattle.

4. Go to the top of Grouse Mountain
I’m always in awe of skylines. Located in North Vancouver, Grouse Mountain apparently has spectacular views of the Vancouver skyline that are a must-see for me!

5. Vancouver Aquarium
Dedicated to the preservation of aquatic animals, the Vancouver aquarium located in Stanley Park is supposed to be an amazing experience. They even have animal encounters – you can see otters, penguins, belugas and dolphins up close. This is a MUST!

6. Eat at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Being from Ontario, I’d never heard of Red Robin but when I went gluten-free I joined a Canadian gluten-free Facebook group and people raved at how good the burgers were at Red Robin and how well they “get” Celiac Disease so I am stoked to finally be in the same province as them! I’m hoping this will make for an awesome date night with The Mister.

So tell me, have you been to British Columbia? If so, what should I add to my bucket list?


17 thoughts on “BC Bucket List

  1. Oh I LOVE Red Robin! It’s my favorite place!! And how cool that they’re great for Celiacs 🙂 I lived in Seattle for a while and my Dad grew up there, Safeco field is great. And my friends used to take winter trips up to Whistler all of the time! I don’t ski and never made it up there, but I’ve heard it’s wonderful and the resorts have some really nice amenities. Good luck with your move!!


    1. Thanks, Rachel! Where else should we go in Seattle? I’m always up for suggestions. I love hearing good things about food places, so I’m so stoked for Red Robin!


  2. yeeees! i totally love that eating at Red Robin is on your list – yay! we have those all over the place and they really are delicious burgers – even better that they are celiac friendly!

    we have been to the vancouver aquarium and it really was awesome! the food wasn’t my fav so perhaps pack your own lunch but it’s a well done place! also, add playing in stanely park to your list in vancouver while you’re there!

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  3. I really love your list! I have difficulties skiing because of a hip issue, but I REALLY want to go whale watching and I think the aquarium sounds awesome!!
    The Red Robin thing makes me giggle because we have one just north of us and I never think much about it! Haha!


    1. You really should try skiing, Audrey! It’s so friendly to all abilities, seriously! I honestly can’t wait to go visit the aquarium! I’m hoping to do a viewing of the animals for my birthday in August.


  4. Oh my goodness Red Robin–you definitely need to eat there!! I wasn’t introduced to it until a few years ago but ever since it’s been one of my favorites. Loving your list–you are going to absolutely love whale watching!!

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  5. Hi Elyse! I found my way to your blog through chelsea’s blog when she gave you a shout out and said you were moving to Vancouver. That caught my eye because I live very close to there! I loved reading about your BC Bucket list and I wish you and your husband the best on your (very brave and inspiring) move to this side of the country!

    P.S. I loved your bit about Grouse Mountain. Personally, I’m in awe of getting up to the top of the mountain and seeing the city laid out below. If you haven’t had a chance previously, I would highly recommend having dinner there and seeing what the city lights look like below after the sun sets. Quite something imo.


    1. Thanks so much! I had no idea you lived so close, Vivien! Is there anything else that I must do while we are in BC? I am always looking for more suggestions!


      1. Hi Elyse, I read through a few of your entries and may I ask if/how often you’ve been to BC before? I saw you had some relatives and friends here, so my apologies if you laid out all your prior visits to BC in a post I did not read. Any other stuff besides the outdoors that you like to do? I may be a bit biased, but I think this area has a little something for everyone 🙂

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        1. I’ve actually never been to Vancouver! I’ve been to Chase(and that area) but that’s it for BC. I am always looking for any suggestions whether it’s for indoor or outdoor activities! What do you think are must-sees?


        2. Gosh, indoors and outdoors! I’m trying to think and make sure I put all the events down. I’m sure I will miss something, so I may or may not spam this post some more 🙂

          Locally, I would recommend anything touristy to start off with. A very short list includes:
          – Bike ride around the Stanley Park seawall. On a good day you’ll get a good view of the downtown Vancouver skyline.
          – If your schedule fits, the PNE is a must see (lineup for the lines are long though).
          – Summer Night Market. A few locations around the area, so a Google may be in order. The Richmond ones are the biggest so far.
          – Hike the Grouse Grind aka Staircase up Grouse Mountain.
          – During the winter we have Dine Out Vancouver, if that interests you.
          – Likely not as great snow as Whistler, but try skiing on the local mountains if you don’t want to drive as long.

          Additionally, there are a ton of things to see/do/explore on Vancouver Island. I have heard nothing but good things from friends that have visited Tofino on the west coast, but I haven’t had the chance to go there myself yet.

          Have fun! 🙂

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  6. I have always wanted to go whale watching. And you’re like the 3 blogger I’ve seen talk about it in a month. Hmm. Maybe it’s a sign I should go this summer.

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