Victoria Day Weekend

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done this kind of post but to be honest with you it’s been a LONG time since we’ve had a whole weekend of just leisure! Last weekend was Victoria Day Weekend. It’s usually the first peak of summer and this year it didn’t disappoint! The weather was beautiful AND The Mister didn’t have to work so we spent 3.5 glorious days gallivanting around the city!

Here’s my recap:

I finished work at 2pm thanks to summer hours starting and then waited for The Mister to get home. When he did we couldn’t decide what we wanted for dinner so we started with dessert first and walked along the Danforth to our favourite gelato restaurant. We then came home and The Mister made Chipotle chicken wings and french fries.

I woke up bright and early to go to the hair salon for 8:30. I was looking for something totally different and I think I managed that! After the hair salon, The Mister met me there and we went and dropped off some library books and then walked to Staples to get some office supplies. While we were walking we saw the cutest little children’s dresses at this shop in Rosedale. We bought a sweet little dress for my niece and headed on our way home. We took a nap and then we decided to go for chicken and waffles at Dirty Bird and see if Nice Guys had tickets available still. It was sold out so we decided to enjoy our chicken and waffles at the Harbourfront instead. After our chicken and waffles we headed to the Eaton Centre to see if we could find a hat for the dress we bought for our niece earlier in the day.

How cute is that dress? My niece is going to look super cute in it, I think lounging by the pool or cottage!
Remember when this made it into my Top 15 photos of 2015? No regrets, because it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever eaten!
Found these at Baby Gap! How cute are they?

We woke up bright and early so that we could beat the crowds to our favourite place in the city – the Toronto island! It has the best views of the city, and it’s so awesome to walk around in the sunshine which is exactly what we did. We are SO glad we went early because by the time we arrived back on land, the line to get on the ferry was down the street! We went home for a little bit so we could see if Nice Guys was available. Luckily for us, it was! So Sunday afternoon we headed to the Yonge and Eglinton VIP cinemas to watch Nice Guys. We dined on nachos and blueberry mojitos while watching. It ended up being a really fun movie. I loved Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling’s chemistry! I highly recommend it if you like an action comedy. After the movie we headed home to take it easy.

The view of the city from the ferry.
Remember when we put this in a bench at Toronto islands last year? We found it again!
The Mister being a ham posing!
Beavertails are a national treasure here in Canada…they are like the same texture as a donut but WAY better. They come with different toppings but I always liked the original(cinnamon and sugar) with a squeeze of lemon. Sadly, they are NOT gluten-free!
It’s hard to tell but those are two ducklings in the water that got separated from their mom who was swimming up ahead!

After our weekend of gallavanting we took it “easy” on Monday and spent our day cleaning and reorganizing. The evening though, we decided to get ONE last moment in the sunshine and we sat on a patio at Caplanski’s and ate brisket with roasted garlic mashed potatoes(me) and a smoked meat sandwich(The Mister!). After that delicious meal we were going to end our night with The Big Chill BUT the line-up was HUGE so we got Menchie’s instead! Mine was a Black Cherry frozen yogurt with Cherry Blasters on it and The Mister had Nutella frozen yogurt with Skor bits, Nanaimo bars and other chocolatey goodies.


This was SO good. The brisket melted in your mouth.
His and Hers frozen yogurt. I prefer less toppings and more frozen yogurt, The Mister prefers more toppings and less frozen yogurt.

So, tell me how was your weekend? What did you do? Was it a long weekend last weekend for you?


6 thoughts on “Victoria Day Weekend

  1. …are summer hours a Canada thing? Because I could totally use some summer hours. I love how relaxing your weekend sounds! That dress is adorable and I LOVE your hair cut! Those wings look delicious!


    1. Summer hours are just at my work, I’m done by 2pm on Fridays! – sadly The Mister doesn’t get them. The weekend was SO relaxing. Exactly what I needed.


  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. And I LOVE your hair! Also, we have a menchie’s within walking distance. We went a lot last summer. We haven’t been yet this year but I’m looking forward to it!


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