Me Before You: Book Versus Movie

Me Before You_ Book vs. Movie - Just Murrayed
Last Tuesday I got a frenzied phone call from my friend Amanda while I was at work inviting me to the advanced screening of Me Before You. I knew I had to go because Jojo Moyes the author was going to be there AND Emilia Clarke! The theatre was at one of the VIP cinemas here in Toronto.

I was so excited so I didn’t take a lot of photos before the movie but I did manage to take this blurry photo as we were escorted into the movie theatres.

I loved the movie! It made me smile AND cry which to me means a great movie and I loved that it didn’t steer too far from the book thanks to JoJo Moyes actually writing the screenplay. There won’t be any huge spoilers so feel free to read this whole thing!

If you have never heard of Me Before You it’s the story of Will who became paralyzed two years before and Louisa who becomes his caretaker for 6 months after she lost her job at a cafe. The movie stars Emilia Clarke as Louisa and Sam Claflin as Will.

His sister doesn’t exist
In the book, there are small mentions of her existing and even visiting Will but in the movie she doesn’t even exist.

The overall story is simpler
The book has lots of other stories that the secondary characters are living that are intertwined with Will and Lou’s story but the movie cut out all those stories which made for a simpler but still very enjoyable movie.

Will’s dad wasn’t a womanizer in the movie
The movie portrays a strained relationship between Will’s parents because of their difference in opinion to what Will wants to do BUT they don’t really mention or show the fact that Will’s parents are in a loveless marriage and that Will’s dad has had affairs.

There are some subtle differences but I think the overall book was kept in tact, most likely because JoJo Moyes herself wrote the screenplay for the movie adaptation. Overall I really enjoyed both the movie and book equally.

So tell me, are you going to see the movie? Have you read the book? Did you like the book? If you’ve read the book does it make you want to watch the movie, why or why not?


13 thoughts on “Me Before You: Book Versus Movie

    1. You will cry. If you don’t you’re heartless…lol just kidding but it’s seriously so sweet you NEED to see it(and read the book while you’re at it.)


    1. If you hadn’t read the book I’m sure you’d actually cry more, or at least that was my experience, Chelsea. Since I read the book I managed to hold in my tears until the VERY end. Although, I’m sure with pregnancy hormones you might be a wreck through the entire movie too!


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