15 Acts of Service For Your Spouse

15 Acts of Service For Your Spouse - Just Murrayed

You may remember that my 2016 ‘Word of the Year’ is service. It means that I actively seek out ways to serve others which obviously includes The Mister. It’s forced me to think outside the box because it isn’t my primary love language BUT that doesn’t mean it is impossible and I’ve discovered LOTS of awesome ways to serve my marriage, that seem insignificant but are impacting our relationship positively in a HUGE way regardless of our love language.

Here are 15 ways you can impact your marriage with acts of service:

1. Make them a coffee or tea in the morning.
2. Give your spouse a massage.
3. Running a bath after a long day.
4. Do a chore that they hate doing.
5. If you don’t normally make the bed, make it. Everyone loves crawling into a freshly made bed.
6. Pack their lunch.
7. Make them breakfast in bed.
8. If you don’t normally plan date nights, surprise them with a pre-planned date night.
9. Have dinner ready for when they come home from work.
10. Do something on their “put off” list, if you can.
11. Bring them a warm towel when they get out of the shower.
12. Bake cookies for them.
13. Help organize the home office.
14. De-clutter closets.
15. Fill up their car with gas in the evening so they don’t have to in the morning.

The important thing to remember when your spouses love language is Acts of Service, make sure you are helping and giving because you want to; however, don’t overextend yourself and feel resentful for doing the share of the giving. A genuine smile and helping hand translates to, “I love you!” And if your spouse does speak the love language of Acts of Service, they will probably be serving you a lot as well.

So tell me, is your primary love language Acts of Service? What about your spouse? What are some other ways we can be of service to our spouse?


8 thoughts on “15 Acts of Service For Your Spouse

  1. Absolutely! Doing small things for a partner means so much. It’s the little things that show how strong a marriage is.


  2. my husband’s favorite act of service i do for him is surprising him with little goodies he likes from the grocery store! agreed with the bed making – it’s a running joke that i’m terrible at it (he’s a great bed maker and i love a freshly made bed) but i still try and we laugh at it.


    1. Love that you do that for your husband, Chelsea. So sweet! I’m the chief bed maker thanks to 4 summers of working in a hotel, but my husband isn’t the worst at bed making, just not quite as precise as I am!


  3. What a great word of the year! I used to always heat up the hubby’s towel in the dryer while he was in the shower. I should do that again. Also, I’ve been making his lunches lately. This is a great list!


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