Marriage And Best Friends

Marriage And Best Friends - Just Murrayed

On the eve of a weekend spent in my hometown, one of those evenings being spent with my best friend I am reminded that having a best friend is awesome. What’s even more awesome is that marriage for both of us hasn’t changed our relationship. Oh sure, we see each other less but that’s more about proximity than marital status. It takes some work to make sure you maintain your place as one of the girls, but it’s not that hard.

I read a lot of marriage blogs that seem to say when you’re married you lose your best friends but I don’t think it needs to be that way. Oh sure, life gets busy and we spend months without seeing each other but having a best friend who isn’t my husband(although he is ALSO my best friend) is awesome!

Here are some perks to keeping your best friend when you get married:

1. Cheerleader
You can never have too many people on your side cheering you on. That is a fact. You’ve also most likely gone through some heavy things like breakups that give them valuable experience in dealing with what you need when you need some cheering up.

2. Keep-it-Realer
Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to ‘get over yourself’ and it always seems more palatable when it comes from a best friend.

3. Easiest Form of Self-Care
Having a ladies night out (or in!) is a simple way to fill your bucket and keep the love going in other aspects of your life, like your marriage.

Just like marriages, our friendships require a little effort at times. It’s not easy but our friendships can and are a meaningful part in most people’s lives that you shouldn’t have to give up just because you’re married!

So tell me, do you have a best friend that isn’t your spouse? Why or why not? Do you think it’s important to maintain those friendships after marriage?


4 thoughts on “Marriage And Best Friends

  1. I totally agree with you! I have two best friends- one that lives in town & one that lives 2 hours away. I actually see the latter more often because the one in town has a baby and the one two hours away isn’t married. I love my best friends SO much and I try really hard to show them support and love, and give them plenty of my time. It’s nice to hang out with just the girls every now and then.


  2. so much yes to this! my soul friend and i once went 2 very long years without seeing each other in person but when you have ‘that person’ and you both prioritize to stay connected and close – proximity doesn’t have to be as big of an issue! i will say that now that we live in the same state (though she’s 2.5 hours away still), our husbands do get a little annoyed because we tend to focus on each other when we all get together. ha!

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    1. Wow – 2 years is a LONG time but I definitely get it. Glad you could make it work and that you’re closer! I’m sure that The Mister and my BFF’s husband get a bit annoyed(or maybe bored! Ha!) because we focus on each other too.


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