A to Z of a Happy Marriage



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If you read marriage blogs or books you’ll know they all talk about ONE thing and how fundamentally important it is and that thing is respect. But for all this talk, the word is rarely defined in terms of practical relationship advice. What does it look like in a healthy relationship? How do we reestablish respect when it’s been lacking?

“Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.” – Unknown

The Mister and I have the utmost respect for each other. It’s not in just what we ‘get’ from each other but what we give to each other. Respect comes naturally when you fall in love with someone, but it’s something you still have to always be working on when you’re in that comfortable stage of life. It’s something that it can seem like it’s a given if you’re in love but it can also be the first thing to go when you’re in that comfortable stage because it can be taken for granted. That’s something The Mister and I strive to never let happen. Respect is earned by our words and actions in how we treat each other.

We often focus on what we should be “getting” from our partner in terms of respect. But respect is also about giving:

Don’t criticize your spouse in front of others.
Sincerely apologize when you’re wrong.
Honour boundaries and their time.
Acknowledge their accomplishments.
Be willing to compromise.

Being respected by your spouse means:

Knowing your worth.
Boundaries are not pushed.
Showing respect for them.
Being 100% honest.

Respect ultimately comes down to knowing your worth and the worth of others. Respecting both ourselves and our partners enables us to build strong, lasting relationships.

So tell me, how do you show respect to your spouse or how do they show you respect?


6 thoughts on “Respect

  1. I think that a big part of respect- for me anyway- is asking the question, “How would I feel if my husband did/said these things about me?” I want to be respected and if I would be offended by cruel words or actions, he would be, too.

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  2. Respect is extremely important! I had a marriage that crumbled in the first year because I was not given respect. Thankflly my high school sweetheart and I remet and have been awesomely and respectably married for 6 years. We give each other space to be ourselves and us. we believe this is important for us to grow in ourselves and as a couple so we can keep bringing new adventures to our relationship.#ALittleBitofEverything


    1. I am SO glad you’re getting respect in your new marriage! It makes all the difference doesn’t it? And how sweet that you married your high school sweetheart!


    1. That’s a simple and awesome way to show respect, Chelsea. I think people can forget about that old saying, “walk a mile in the other persons shoes.” Thanks for sharing!


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