Going ‘All In’ in 2001

If you’ve glanced at the writing below my picture on the sidebar it mentions that The Mister and I are high school sweethearts. That’s 100% true, but our story isn’t quite as simple as boy meets girl, boy and girl start dating in high school, 13 years later boy and girl get married. Oh no, our story is complicated with lots of twists and turns. 2016 marks a very important milestone in our relationship and we’ve been reminiscing about all the weird ways fate would bring AND keep us together so I thought I’d share our LONG and complicated love story! This is the first in a 3-part series. The last two parts will be all about ‘Home is Wherever You Are’ which will explain why we’ve decided to stay in the city even when it seems like everyone our age is moving to small towns and settling down and ‘Happy Half-Life!’ which will document what’s in our 5 year plan.

The Mister and I met after I noticed him at his locker which was directly across the hall from mine. I could only see the back of his head, but his head looked cute(ya know, because I could tell!) so I decided to be brave and introduce myself. We exchanged names and became casual friends. We hung out at school or in our Grade 9 Geography class but we never hung out outside of school. We went our separate ways during the summer between Grade 9 and Grade 10. When Grade 10 rolled around, we started hanging out more. Occasionally, I’d have those ‘butterfly feelings’ but I never thought anything of it because he would be dating someone or I would be dating someone.

September 2001, we hung out the entire time at the Terry Fox Run which is an annual 5km walk/run to raise money for cancer research that the entire school participates in every year. He was a LOT of fun but again, I was a bit apprehensive because a friend liked him and I wasn’t interested in starting a feud. A couple of weeks later, I was talking to a mutual friend on the phone and she wouldn’t stop talking about how The Mister wouldn’t stop talking about me, and then she asked me point-blank would you ‘go out’ with The Mister. I’ll admit, it was a hesitant yes, but nonetheless it was a yes! She abruptly hung up the phone and called The Mister and told him that we were dating and then called me back and said we were officially dating. That date was November 3, 2001.

We decided we’d talk on the phone for the first time that evening at around 7:30. I don’t quite remember what we talked about, but I assure you it was awkward! That was a Saturday evening, so we decided we’d meet at our lockers(they were across from each other!) on Monday morning and he’d walk me to my first class which was Drama.

When we arrived at school on Monday we met each other at our lockers. When the first bell rang, we walked together hand-in-hand to my first class which was only a 2 minute walk from our lockers. At the doors of the Drama class, we kissed for the first time!

When you live in a small town there aren’t many options for dates! We had three choices: bowling, the movie theatre and church(haha, okay that’s only an option if you’re a good Catholic, like we were :P) so needless to say we spent that year watching LOTS of movies and going to church!

It seems like a pretty simple love story, right? It’s really only the beginning because our love story gets a bit complicated from here! You see, The Mister is an army brat, so he may have lived in our small town when we met, but he ultimately moved 10 months after we started dating to London, Ontario which was about a 4 hour car ride from where I lived. We didn’t physically see each other more than a handful of times from August 2002 to September 2005, but we lived for our nightly phone calls. This was the hardest thing I’ve dealt with to date(and I’ve had brain surgery!) because we had people telling us we should break-up(and I get it now as an adult, but I can tell you it’s devastating to hear as a teen who thinks they know everything!). We didn’t know what we’re getting into but it turned out to be one of the best times in my life as well.

When we were both deciding on which colleges to go to in 2005, The Mister knew there was only one place he needed to be and that was at a college in Oakville but for me my decision was based on being close to my family so that meant I chose a school closer to my home in Oshawa, which meant that we still weren’t living in the same town. Luckily for us, we had access to a bit more money so we took the train to see each other once a month or more, and it felt amazing to be able to see each other so often after going months without seeing each other in high school! This is the time when I think we REALLY got to know each other. We were adults now, and being able to choose our relationship and to realize that this person who was a sweet and thoughtful boy was still a sweet and thoughtful man all these years later was amazing.

When I was done with my program in 2009, I wasn’t satisfied with my career choice so I decided to do a post-graduate program at the same school that The Mister went to. Finally! In 2009 we were in the same town again! We had LOTS of fun going to school, having dates and hanging out with friends. 2009 was all about reconnecting and figuring out what we wanted in our future. We knew we wanted to be together, but what was our future going to look like?

We both graduated in 2010 and moved to Toronto. It was the logical place for us to go but we never put too much thought into it. We’ve now lived in Toronto for almost 6 years. It’s hard to believe that in just 6 short years we’ve gone from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiancée/fiancé to husband/wife. What is going to happen in the next 6 years? We have an idea of what we want to happen but to be honest with you? We’re happy not planning too far in advance because sometimes the best adventures aren’t planned!

So, tell me your love story! I’d love to hear it! 


4 thoughts on “Going ‘All In’ in 2001

  1. This is the sweetest. It sounds like you were a very strong-willed teenager (thank goodness!)! Maintaining long-distance relationships is SO HARD but I’m glad it paid off for you both! I love that you started as high school sweethearts and went on dates to church!! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Ya strong-willed and naive. It’s a dangerous combination that luckily worked out for the better!
      Church was one of the only times we felt we could sit near each other and even hold hands in the presence of our families. Sounds so ridiculous now!


  2. yay! my father-in-law has been visiting us and every time i kept trying to read your love story he kept interrupting me so very happy to hear more about it finally!

    truth – i found the back of a well groomed head very sexy so i get that 🙂 and YOU ARE SO BRAVE! wow so much distance i can only imagine how hard that would be. my husband and i spent our first 7 months apart and that was incredibly tough but in a way, really amazing because it let us get to know each other emotionally rather than with the physical side that can complicate things.

    bummer that people were telling you to break up – that would be devastating teenagers or not! excited to hear the next installments!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so true Chelsea, distance always seems SO hard when you’re dealing with it, but the benefits like getting to know each other emotionally rather than physically is so awesome! It also helps hone your communication skills since, that’s all you’ve got!


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