A to Z of a Happy Marriage

Quality Time


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Between work, kids, friends and extended family it can seem impossible to carve out quality time with your spouse but it isn’t impossible if you remember it is essential to making your marriage work.

Make every moment count. Quality time is more important than quantity.  – Allison Pescosido

The Mister and I are just like every other couple. It always feels like we have zero time for anything because of work, family and friend commitments but since we’ve become more aware of how important it really is, it’s become easy to carve out 10-15 minutes a day to reconnect with each other and to really get to the heart of what matters to each one of us as individuals and as a couple. That means no computer or telephone, this is one-on-one intentional time where we sit on the couch or bed or shower together and talk about anything and everything.

Experts agree that spending intentional quality time with your spouse regularly is one of the key ingredients to a successful long-lasting marriage. So what exactly is quality time? Quality time is giving someone your undivided attention.

So, how do we spend quality time with our spouse on a regular basis when there are 10 other things vying for our time? The simple answer is with intention and purpose from both of you. There are some other key elements to getting the most out of your quality time. Making sure activities revolve around being able to talk and focus more on each other than the actual activity. If your spouse’s primary love languages is quality time, such conversation is crucial to their sense of being loved. Sit down. Ask questions, and listen actively.

Here are some fun ways you can spend some quality time together whether you have 10 minutes or a couple of hours that put more focus on together time and less about the activity.

1. Date nights.
2. Daily debrief.
3. Cook together and have a fancy night in.
4. Workout together.
5. Take a bath or shower together.
6. Take a walk together.
7. Play a board game together.
8. Sit outside at night and enjoy the stars.
9. Put some music on and slow dance together.
10. Have lunch together.

Whether the quality time you create with your spouse is a few minutes each day, an evening a week, or a weekend away, all it takes to make this happen is intention and purpose.

So tell me, is your love language quality time? How do you spend quality time with your spouse? Do you think you do a good job of spending quality time together?


6 thoughts on “Quality Time

  1. My top love language is quality time. With the weather getting warmer, we have enjoyed going for walks and talking as we walk. I also love cuddling and talking in bed before we go to sleep.

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  2. oh how important this is! my husband has been the last 11 days and finally gets home late tomorrow night but i am so excited for some serious QT come saturday. we are embarking on a serious reconnecting/lounging/celebrating day with just the two of us and i cannot tell you how excited i am for it!

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  3. QT is my first love language and my husband’s 2nd. His No. 1 is actually acts of service so when we can spend quality time together while working on something (drums, cars, the house) we’re both in really great moods!

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