Spring Clean Your Marriage

Spring Clean Your Marriage

Here in Toronto, spring is in the air! The temperatures have finally hit double digits(that’s Celsius for my American friends!) and it’s been raining all week. This is the time when I start to think about injecting more positive attention to mine and The Mister’s relationship. Date nights and duvet days become priorities but there are tons of other ways you can ‘spring clean’ your marriage!

Here are 5 simple ways you can ‘spring clean’ your marriage:

1. Check your expectations.
Expectations that you have that your spouse doesn’t know about can cause arguments. Make sure your spouse knows what you expect from them and that they are reasonable expectations and vice versa.

2. Sweep out the negative. Choose to say only positive things to others about your spouse and to your spouse.
Sweep out the negative! Your brain is programmed for the negative BUT it can be trained to focus on positive. Start the training today and say something positive about your spouse.

3. Discard old habits.
Ya know that ONE thing that drives your spouse crazy that you do? Be more diligent in breaking that habit. The one thing that drives The Mister crazy that I do is leave my dirty clothing in piles on the floor…I’ll be working on this one specifically this spring!

4. Dream BIG…Together.
This is a small nod to my blogger friend Chelsea, but starting a daily dialogue of your feelings, thoughts and aspirations are a great way to draw closer to each other.

5. Inject life into your relationship by taking a trip together.
It can be a day trip, a weekend trip or even a week long trip but having some concentrated alone time without other distractions can be a great way to inject some life into your relationship again.

Spring is the perfect time to make changes in your relationship that isn’t working or needs tweaking. Embrace change and be willing to commit to what it takes to have a thriving and loving marriage starting today!

So tell me, what are some things you’ll be doing to ‘spring clean’ your marriage?


9 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Marriage

  1. What a great idea! We often take a trip in the spring but we’re not this year, so maybe we can focus on some other tasks! I’m trying to get up with my alarm because it drives my husband nuts that I’m late and frazzled every morning! I love Chelsea’s Dream BIG motivation!

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    1. I personally love a focus each season. Since you’re not going on a trip this spring, it’s a great idea to work on some of the smaller things like getting up with your alarm!


  2. I love the idea of dreaming big with your spouse. It can be easy to get into the routine of “How was your day” instead of digging deep and talking about the things that really matter on a daily basis.

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    1. I seriously love your concept of ‘dreaming big’ and we now use the phrase, Just let me ‘dream big with you for a minute’ ALL the time with each other which lends itself to some great conversations.

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  3. Some great tips Elyse! For me Spring is a great time to declutter the home and make sure we create a romantic, calm environment for ourselves, particularly in the bedroom. Over the course of winter we find things just piling up in the bedroom and Spring is a good time to re-evaluate the mess and turn your room into a sanctuary for romance.

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