A Few Good Men

Thanks to Chelsea for helping me to see the good in people – it’s not always my strong point but thanks to her linkup, I’m noticing the BIG and the small things people are doing for other people.

For the past week I’ve been house-sitting and dog-sitting my favourite fur-niece for my sister who was vacationing in Hawaii. On Saturday I brought back a HUGE suitcase with everything I would need for the week – clothing for work and lounging, food, my phone and iPad.

Commuting on the best of days is very trying but today I expected the worst since I had to bring my suitcase back home. Commuters don’t take kindly to slow-moving people but today I had a young man offer to take my suitcase down the stairs(obviously I took the offer!) when I arrived off the bus at Jane station and then I had another young man offer to carry my suitcase at Yonge up the stairs where I switch trains for work. It was an awesome commuting day!

What are the chances that I’d encounter two awesome young men? A HUGE thank you to those two guys because it would have taken me forever to get down the stairs if I had to do it myself.



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