Galentine’s Day

I’m linking up once again with my awesome blogger bestie, Chelsea for another round of Tell Me Something Good!

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for anyone with a significant other, but what about the ladies in your life? They are a different kind of significant other and they deserve to be celebrated! Leslie from Parks and Recreation sums up the concept of Galentine’s Day pretty awesomely here. This year I celebrated Galentine’s Day on February 12th instead of the traditional February 13th with Perin and Kendra.

Perin is currently in a long distance relationship while her boyfriend is in Ireland working for an animation studio and Kendra has just finished an intensive photography program and could use some TLC so The Mister got the brilliant idea instead of me getting a manicure alone by myself at The Ten Spot that Kendra, Perin and I should ALL go together and get manicures courtesy of The Mister.


Last night not only did he pay for our manicures but when he showed up to pay the bill he brought us all chocolate! How thoughtful and sweet is he?

It was a super fun time gabbing and getting our nails done!


So tell me, are you celebrating Galentine’s Day today? Have you ever celebrated Galentine’s Day?


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