6 Ways To Save On Movie Date Nights

6 Ways To Save On Movie Date Nights
When The Mister and I first started dating in our small town there were two options for date nights – bowling or the movie theatre. We aren’t the bowling type so that left us with the movie theatre. We saw TONS of movies that year: Lilo & Stitch, Blue Crush and Ice Age just to name a few. The past couple of years we haven’t seen that many movies partly due to what was in theatres and partly the cost. It seemed like every time we went to the movie theatres the ticket and food prices went up. At the end of the night it was easy to spend at least $50 and that can get expensive if you want to go at least once a week!

Very early into 2016 The Mister told me he wanted to see more movies this year – he wanted a clear division between the work week and the weekend and he was hoping to get back to our early days of date nights – hanging out at the movie theatres! I am not one to say no to a date night so I thought that was a great idea – except when I remembered it can cost $50 a date night so I went in search of some ideas to make it cheaper for us!

Here’s some awesome money-saving ideas so you don’t break the bank on your movie date nights!

1. Use points
Our large local movie theatre here in Canada has a points card it’s awesome because my bank is also associated with the movie theatre so every time I use my debit card for any purchase whether at the movie theatre, getting groceries or buying books I’m gaining points toward free movie tickets! When you spend money on tickets and concessions, you earn points on your card, which can later pay for tickets or concession food.

2. Cheap night or day
Our theatre has cheap nights on Tuesday! I also get an extra percent off because I have the theatres points card. I’m assuming that most theatres have a cheap day or night. Call them to find out when it is because prices can be as cheap as half price.

3. Find a late-run theatre
Here in Ontario we have the Rainbow Cinemas – they offer ticket prices at $10 instead of the large movie theatre ticket prices of $13 and on Tuesday’s they have all movies priced at $5! They don’t always have the big movies play when the larger theatres do but if you can wait to see a movie, it’s definitely worth it for the savings. Check your area to see if you have a “cheap” theatre.

4. Share snacks
Sure ticket prices are high, but they ALWAYS get you with the snacks. Our trick is to always share food. Thanks to HUGE portions we get one drink and a small popcorn and that’s enough for us!

5. Eat beforehand
This is an obvious one but people overlook it. If you eat before you see the movies you can easily save $20. I also love pairing the movie we are seeing with a themed meal. When we had our date night to see Brooklyn, I made Potato Leek Soup.

6. Costco or other price clubs always have deals
If you have a membership card to Costco or Sam’s Club they have movie theatre discount deals for things such as two movie tickets, 2 drinks and 1 popcorn for $25. So you’re basically getting the popcorn and drinks for free!

Movie theatre date nights can be pricey, but by being smart you can slash the cost and still have an awesome date night!

So tell me, how do YOU save money on movie date nights? 


2 thoughts on “6 Ways To Save On Movie Date Nights

    1. Ha! I just thought I’d give you the honest ways to save money. I’m definitely not above taking in food(I like to justify it by the Celiac Disease!) and also I’m not saying we have lately but we’ve been known to pay for 1 movie and go to two.

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