A to Z of a Happy Marriage


Phew! Life is getting crazy here this winter! I’m hoping you’re still following along to this series. You can check out the rest of the series by clicking here or go to the ‘A to Z Marriage Series’ page above.

No matter how similar childhoods are each of us is a product of our past environments and experiences, it’s only natural that we have occasional differences.

“What makes a successful marriage isn’t thinking alike, but thinking together” – unknown

On the outside it looks like The Mister and I had similar childhoods but truthfully, we did not. Not even a little bit. Our core values are the same, but since our childhoods were very different we have MANY differences in opinions. But being different doesn’t necessarily mean that one person is right and the other is wrong—or that one way is better than another. Since we’ve realized that, differences in opinion are easier to deal with.

Embracing your differences, instead of letting it bug you is the key to a happy marriage but there are some ways to make your marriage awesome!

Respect the opposite opinion
As a couple, it’s important to work on keeping an open mind within your differing discussions. The good thing about having opposing opinions is that you can make life interesting!

Don’t attack the person, instead attack the issue at hand 
It’s SO easy to start attacking the person – I’m sure it’s human nature but nip that thought in your head and instead focus on the actual issue that you disagree with.

Find common ground
Even differing opinions have SOME common ground – there will always be aspects of a discussion that you and your spouse agree on. It’s good to be reassuring in these moments – to point out that there are, indeed, things you do agree on. It’s also important to reassure your spouse that you respect their opinion – since well, it’s sexy!

So, the next time you find yourself having a different opinion from your spouse, embrace it. There’s no need to ever raise your voice or criticize your spouse for their beliefs – it makes for a much more awesome life!

So tell me, do you differ on a lot of issues with your spouse? Do you think it’s okay to have a difference in opinion? Tell me the last thing you had a differing opinion than your spouse!

Next up, patience!


5 thoughts on “Opinions

    1. I think it must be pretty common since I can be guilty of wanting The Mister to share my opinion too even if I KNOW that having debates and not sharing the same opinion makes for a more interesting life!


  1. My husband & I definitely have different opinions on some topics! Sometimes the opinions are just interesting conversations and don’t actually affect decisions we need to make. Other times they do affect our decisions, so we have to work through them. If one of us is more affected by the decision, or if one of us has greater experience in the topic, we’ll defer to that preference. Other times we find middle ground.

    Of course, a few decisions we’ve just tabled for now! Like my atheist husband wants to send our kids (who don’t exist, I’m not pregnant, and I’m on BC) to Catholic school while I want to send them to public school. I’m going to take a wild guess and say our different opinions are because he attended Catholic school while I attended public school…


    1. You make a great distinction something the differing opinions make for interesting conversations and sometimes they do and then you have find some sort of middle-ground!

      Love that you’re having those discussions now though! You can never plan to early – even if your plans change!


  2. I am WAY more opinionated than my husband and, fortunately, we agree most of the time. I’m an emotionally passionate person so if we don’t agree, sometimes he just changes the topic and refuses to argue about it. (I mean big, political issues that don’t necessarily affect our relationship.) As far as parenting, time management, etc. we often agree but if we don’t we find common ground and compromise 🙂 I don’t expect ANYONE to have the same opinions as me even though mine are always right (KIDDING!).


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