Felted Whales And More By JenPoirierDesigns


It all started with a Twitter exchange – our good friend Jen took a photo of felted whales she made for her nieces and nephew for Christmas. The exchange ended with her first 2 sales(ME and another mutual friend!) and with her creating an Etsy shop featuring her adorable felted whales and original silk screen art prints.

Jen lives on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia with her husband Braden and two adorable dogs Angel and Scarlette. She’s fun, creative and down-to-earth and one of the most versatile artists I’ve met.

In Jen’s own words “I’m a designer and illustrator that dabbles in sewing as a hobby. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I love to learn, which has led me to pursue a variety of different projects. I enjoy sculpting, sewing, painting, printmaking, telling stories, and illustrating. Currently, my latest project has been with my husband, Braden. We’ve been co-developing a comic book for the last year and a half. I’ve been sewing since I was a kid, and spent a large portion of my college years building sets and puppets for stop-motion animated films. I love animals, so a lot of my work revolves around them.”

She just opened her Etsy shop but I’m SO excited to see where she goes with it. Do me a favour and check out her shop!


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