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National Popcorn Day

It’s pretty rare for me to write on a Tuesday, but today is National Popcorn Day and I was invited by Casper to share my favorite combo of treats for the perfect movie night! Being a sleep start-up, anything mattress related is a passion of theirs but tonight, popcorn trumps everything!

First you need a comfortable atmosphere. Our queen sized bed is perfect for just the two of us and our duvet keeps me warm and The Mister cool. Next we have to pick a movie that we both love.  If you haven’t seen Whiplash, you’re missing out – We both declared it our favourite movie of 2014.
It’s not a movie night without popcorn, though! We are true gluttons and love buttered popcorn and then we add M&Ms. The popcorn melts the chocolate and you’re left with a sweet and salty combo that is to die for. While shovelling in our M&M-ed popcorn we wash it all down with Coke Floats!

Be sure to check out Casper on Twitter!

So tell me, what’s your favorite kind of popcorn? What movies do you and your spouse always agree on? 


6 thoughts on “National Popcorn Day

  1. I like just your standard buttered popcorn, no special additives needed. I have my own popper so I can make it as salty and buttery as I like though.

    Our favourite movies are comedies. We decided last night that ‘Just Go With It’ (the Adam Sandler movie with Jennifer Aniston) is just a great movie that you can watch over and over again. No matter how many times you watch it the jokes are always funny.

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  2. See, this is the problem with moving, things get chaotic, I don’t spend time online reading blog posts and I miss National Popcorn Day. I could cry, but I might just make popcorn instead :).

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