2016 Is All About Service

2016 Is All About Service

Happy New Year!

I’m not huge into resolutions but last year I read a great blog post from my fave blogger Chelsea at The New Wifestyle about a ‘Word of The Year’ so I decided that we’d do the same. 2015 was all about MEMORIES. That meant we went on numerous date nights and did lots of other day-to-day things together but that also meant we spent lots of time with family and friends.

2016’s word is SERVICE! What does service mean to me?

Do a dreaded chore for each other.
Make a special meal for her/him.
Go to the grocery store and buy items you know he/she loves—without being asked.
Put the kettle on in the morning.
Volunteer together.
Pamper him/her after a long stressful work week.

Help family with their various businesses.
Volunteer in Toronto.
Help friends move in/out if needed.
Bring dinner to a friend.
Buy coffee for a friend.
Spend the day with my gramma.

So tell me, do you do a ‘word of the year’? If so, what it is? What about resolutions? Do you make any? 


4 thoughts on “2016 Is All About Service

    1. Even after posting this I’ve come up with TONS of ideas to elaborate on this! I’m excited since last year with ‘memories’ it felt like ‘big’ goals and this somehow feels smaller, simpler just plain ol’ consideration for each other. And yes, I added the kettle in the morning purely for my husband – it doesn’t take much to make him happy, a warm cup of tea is all he ever wants!


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