Top 15 Memories of 2015

Top 15 Memories of 2015

Hello Blog Friends! Long time no see!

Thanks to Chelsea at The New Wifestyle for this awesome idea! She had a hard time narrowing down her memories but for me it was easy because of my monthly High and Low posts. My year was marked by MANY awesome moments but there were also some lows and instead of this being 100% happy, I’ve decided to give you the good, the bad and the ugly of 2015.

The one photo you won’t see but should get a mention is the birth of my first niece! You won’t get photos of her because I’d prefer for her to give me her permission and since she can’t talk that won’t be happening any time soon but know she’s been a huge part of the year (and could easily have filled the 15 photos!)

I didn’t want to pick a favourite so the photos are in chronological order.

1. Girls Week With Rosie
I started 2015 off with my favourite fur-niece Rosie while my sister and her boyfriend were vacationing in Hawaii. It had been a LONG time since I’d had so much concentrated time with her since we moved to the east end of Toronto that it was an awesome time snuggling and playing with her. If you NEED to see more photos of her sweet face, check them out here.

2. Death of My Grandfather
March 31st my grandfather died. Although, not entirely unexpected it was VERY hard. The preceding days were filled with sadness but also a lot of laughs, which I know he would have wanted. The last big event he attended was our wedding, and for that I’m forever grateful.

3. First Toronto Blue Jays home game of the season
April 16th marked the first game of the Toronto Blue Jays AMAZING season that we attended. We didn’t get tickets for the first weekend they were in Toronto, but the second weekend. Unfortunately, they lost but it’s always a great time going to the games.

4. Visited Centre Island With a Friend
The Mister and I spent the day in May with our friend Allison walking around Centre Island. I hadn’t been to Centre Island in YEARS. Not since I was a young child and I loved having my brain fill with all these memories I hadn’t thought about in years. I blogged about our fun day here.

5. Our City Oasis – Centre Island
After we visited Centre Island with our friend Allison we went back by ourselves on June 19th. We enjoyed ourselves exploring other areas and just walking, walking, walking. The view from the ferry is always spectacular and makes you truly feel like you’ve left Toronto(even though you really haven’t!)

6. My Bookish Adventures with Amanda
This year marked MANY fun adventures of exploring Toronto with Amanda. I’ve lived in Toronto for 5 years and I spent the first 4 years not truly exploring. It’s been a fun year of exploring books, restaurants and awesome places around Toronto. This particular picture was from June 20th! You can see the rest of my adventure with her here.

7. Tom & Marley’s Wedding
On July 11th, I gained a sister-in-law! The Mister’s brother Tom married Marley at their house near Ottawa. The intimate ceremony was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous and the whole day was simply beautiful!

8. Helping Summersong Farm in Toronto
I always love spending time with my family so any chance I get I help my aunt and uncle out, I always do! This particular picture was taken in August with my sister at the Toronto Flower Market. We spent the day selling the organic dahlias, zinnias and gladioli that they grow along with laughing LOTS!

9. 29th Birthday!
The Mister is ALWAYS so good at surprising me. This time, it was for my birthday! Thanks to me accidentally reading an email I knew we were going to a baseball game but I had no idea that my best friend and her husband were joining us AND that I would get some awesome barbecue from Barque. It was a truly magical day! You can read the rest of my birthday fun here.


10. Hannah, my childhood cat
Hannah is 18 years old. She probably has arthritis because she struggles to jump up on the couch and doesn’t really leave the house. I know my days are numbered with her so when I visit my parents house I take some time each day to take some photos, brush her and snuggle with her.

11. Discovered Gluten-free Chicken & Waffles
I don’t know what it says about me that this was a highlight of my year but seriously these chicken and waffles were out of this world! I still dream about them and wish I could eat them everyday – but alas my wallet and waistline wouldn’t like that very much! We had gluten-free chicken and waffles from Dirty Bird for our first of three anniversary dinners and we’ve gone a couple of times since then!

12. First Wedding Anniversary Weekend
Our first anniversary was a weekend of maximum relaxation at my parents cottage. We marked October 4th with champagne(that we’d been saving since our wedding – gifted from one of my best friends mom!) and pizza! Check out the rest of our anniversary weekend here.

13. Cheering on the Toronto Blue Jay’s at City Hall aka The Bird’s Nest
I wasn’t sure what to expect when we decided to go cheer on the Blue Jays at City Hall – was it going to be crazy or boring? Luckily, it was a perfect mix of craziness and uneventful. Unfortunately they lost, but I just knew I had to go and cheer them on at City Hall. One of those experiences to say that we did!

14. Jenny Lawson Book Signing
Thanks to Amanda for getting me to not only read Jenny Lawson’s blog (aka The Bloggess) but also her newest book – Furiously Happy! Furiously Happy is a candid story of Jenny Lawson’s experience with mental illnesses. Amanda also planned for some friends to go to Jenny Lawson’s book signing here in Toronto. Jenny read from her book, took questions and then signed books! If you want to know more check out my post here.

15. Staycation at The Ivy at Verity
October 24th marked the last of our month-long first anniversary celebration. We were treated like rock stars while dining and relaxing at this high-end boutique hotel that our friends gave to us as a wedding present. If you want to see some of the amazing eats and activities check it out here.
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Get excited about this upcoming year because if you’re like me – you’ve already made a pact to make it awesome!


4 thoughts on “Top 15 Memories of 2015

  1. Congratulations on celebrating your first anniversary! I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather–I know that it’s tough, we lost my grandma just a few months after our wedding in 2013. I agree, 2016 will be a great year!


  2. thanks so much for linking up, elyse! super smart to keep your high and lows each month because that does help narrow it down. so sorry to hear of your grandfather passing and that photo of you two hugging made me tear up.

    it also confirms how amazing you are that gluten free chicken and waffles made the cut! you’re the best! thanks so much for linking up!

    Liked by 1 person

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