The Things I Don’t Blog About

The Things I Don't Blog About

So I planned to show you today how we decorate our small(very small!) apartment. I plan my blog posts a week ahead of time to keep things moving along since I do have a full-time job that doesn’t include blogging but that isn’t what this post is about.

On my commute last night I was thinking about all the fun date nights The Mister and I had this year. The Darkness, our staycation at The Verity, endless Blue Jays games and movie nights. I couldn’t help but smile. These are all date nights I’ve blogged about or posted on social media. They were a LOT of fun but honestly? They weren’t my favourites. I won’t blog about the date nights that we’ve had SO much fun that our cheeks hurt and we find ourselves closing our eyes, trying to solidify the moment deep into our brains so that we can remember these moments even in our old age. I won’t blog about the times The Mister makes me laugh so hard I inevitably fall off the bed.

In our extremely social sharing society, I find this to be even more important. I understand wanting to share really funny moments or brag about exciting moments. Sometimes I have to stop myself from wanting to share that story or post this photo because some things are just to sacred to share.

So tell me, do you feel the same way about social media? Are there things you won’t share? 


6 thoughts on “The Things I Don’t Blog About

  1. Love the honesty Elyse! I’m actually the opposite – Andrew and I share every moment (well almost) but we’re not sharing it for our friends and family, we’re sharing it so that we can look back on the memories ourselves. Similar to why we take soooo many photos, and print them out to store in our little suitcase of moments – we like to look back at random photos and then all the memories, the feelings, the aching smiley cheeks, come flooding back 🙂 *Cute pic by the way!*

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    1. I love that you still print off photos…it’s something not enough people do and I’ll admit I’m guilty of NEVER doing. Maybe 2016 will be that time…even though when we’re having an awesome time together I seem to forget to take out my camera, so it probably won’t work!


  2. Yes and I so agree with you! My husband and I go back and forth with this a lot on what not to post and keep for ourselves (just online in general). I tend to be the oversharer so he usually gives me a heads up if he thinks we should keep something to private. Even taking pictures can be this way too where I want to document everything, but he just wants us to take it in without bringing out a camera. I feel like I could go on and on on this subject because it’s something we are always talking about. Great post!

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    1. Glad I’m not the only oversharer! I’m always going to The Mister to ask his opinion on things, since he’s definitely more private than I am and I don’t want to share something he doesn’t want known or seen.


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