Highs and Lows of November

Where did November go? Seriously. This month flew by and I’m not even really sure what I did. Thank heavens for Facebook and my blog to let me know what happened!

We went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for the first time together on November 8th. The highlight for me was petting the goats and llamas!

On November 16th, I told you all the books I’m excited to read this winter. I’ve crossed two books off my list already!

November 21st we went back to our hometown to celebrate my Gramma’s 80th birthday! She had no idea we were coming along with a couple of other special guests so needless to say she was very surprised and happy!

With the help of The Mister, I got to cross something off my Winter Bucket List – we made our very own Christmas wreath! I will get around to doing a DIY post because it was pretty easy to make.

Yesterday we ended the month with a sweet first birthday for Andrew’s cousin’s son…so that makes him our first cousin once removed? Whatever the relationship it was a fun day of seeing the sheer excitement of a little boy devouring his first piece of cake and getting lots of presents!

So tell me, how was your November? What were your highs and lows?


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