10 Nostalgic Date Night Ideas

10 Nostalgic Date Night Ideas
I’ll admit we do a lot of the same date nights and we were getting a bit bored. While thinking about it I kept going back to all the fun things we did as kids. Bonues points since back then we had no money(obviously) so any activity would be pretty cheap and voila this list was born!

Here’s a list of date nights that will get you and your spouse in a nostalgic mood.

1. Dessert for dinner
Is there anything better than dessert for dinner?

2. Play on a playground
Nothing will make you feel more like a kid than playing on a playground. Bonus points because it’s an active date which will help get those happy endorphins pumping.

3. Go tobogganing
Obviously this is snow-permitting but find a hill and snuggle up together and fly down the hill at breakneck speed!

4. Laser Tag
If you have a local laser tag arena, plan a date night there! Play on the same team against others or play against each other. If you don’t have a local arena, they sell laser tag sets in stores. Thus, you can get the game to play together in your own home or outside!

5. Go for a bike ride
Bike slowly and ride side by side. Pretty sure all the movies say this is one of the most romantic activities.

6. Play a board game at home or at a board game cafe(if your town has one!)
We love board games! You can play any game at home or at a board game cafe if you have one and the possibilities are endless.

7. Take an archery class
You can be just like Katniss and learn to shoot a bow and arrow! This is on the top of our list!

8. Go to a fair and ride the rides
Snuggle up on the ferris wheel and enjoy the ride!

9. Watch a morning matinée movie
Movies are usually cheaper in the morning and there are less crowds.

10. Do a colour run together
Be each others cheerleaders as you run a 5K and have awesome colours sprayed on you.

Happy date night!

So tell me, what would you add to this nostalgic date night list?


4 thoughts on “10 Nostalgic Date Night Ideas

  1. I love nostalgic dates! My favourite is to each pick a movie from your childhood, pick up some retro sweets that you both loved as a kid, and have a nostalgic movie night in! Bit of a twist on the typical movie date 🙂

    And where are these board game cafes?! I must visit one. We loooove board games!!


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