Lost My Name Children’s Book Review

Children's Book Review (2)

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I have a niece, she’s still a baby but that doesn’t mean I haven’t started to instill the love of reading by adding to her library. A month ago I decided her Christmas gift would be books since they are a timeless gift. I also knew that I wanted a book that incorporated her name. I started googling and one of the first searches that came up was LostMy.Name. I hadn’t heard of LostMy.Name before but I absolutely LOVED what I saw on the website. The first thing that caught my eye was the art work! The style of art is so cool and I instantly fell in love! The website says the books are best suited for ages 2-6 but that they’ve had lots of people buy them as newborn gifts.

The book is different from other personalized books in that it doesn’t just simply tell a story with the child’s name in it – the child’s name IS the story. At the beginning of the story a child wakes up to discover they have lost their name. They go on an adventure, collecting letters as they go from animals and objects and at the end realize that the letters they have collected spell their name.

The team has created enough different sections that even if a child has a short name or multiple letters that are the same it will be a substantial book with no duplicates!

Creating your book is super easy on the website – you simply enter the child’s name, select whether they are a girl or a boy and pick what you want the child to look like from a few possibilities then click “preview”. You are then presented with a complete preview of your book which allows you to look through every page and see exactly what you’ll get if you buy. If you’re happy with the book, you simply press the “buy” button to start the checkout process. They say that it takes around 7 business days to arrive because every book is custom and they ship worldwide but for me it took around 4 days!

If you’re looking for a unique gift this is a great gift for kids or moms-to-be! I can’t wait for Christmas to give this to my niece!


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