Highs and Lows of October

Happy Halloween!

This month has been absolutely magical! From the first day to the last day it’s been a great month of reflection and love!

We started October off with an extended weekend away to my parents cottage for our first wedding anniversary. I also FINALLY showed you our wedding photos!

October 11th we celebrated Thanksgiving with family!

October 17th The Mister and I went down to City Hall to watch the Toronto Blue Jays on a big screen play the Kansas City Royals. Unfortunately, Toronto was defeated and didn’t make it into the World Series.

October 20th was spent with Amanda and a couple of other friends for the Jenny Lawson book signing.

October 23rd started an epic weekend where the Friday was a date night with The Mister at The Darkness concert and THEN the 24th was spent in luxury at The Ivy at Verity.

So tell me, what were your highs and lows of October?


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