Feels Like Home Favourites

Feels Like Home Favourites Link-up

I am BEYOND excited to announce my first link-up:

I’ve lived in Toronto for 5 years now and there are TONS of things I’ve discovered about this great city! I have a ton of fave places that I ALWAYS go back to or always make sure that when I bring friends and family to the city that we MUST go to.

I also LOVE learning about new cities and the must-see spots of the locals but unfortunately I haven’t won the lottery (YET!) so I’ll have to settle for YOU to tell me all about the awesome spots in your city!

Here are the details:

This monthly linkup is to celebrate all your favourite spots you LOVE about wherever you call home. Join me and my co-host Amanda on the first Monday of each month where we will have one specific topic related to your city to guide you in writing about your city.

The first linkup will go live on Monday, November 2nd.

Each link up will go live at 12:10 a.m. Eastern time and will be the first Monday of every month. Each linkup will be open for one week.

Any format that you want is fine but make sure you use some photos as well!

The first theme is: Favourite Restaurants.

In each month’s post, I will announce the following month’s topic!

Feels Like Home Favourites


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