The Ivy at Verity Staycation

Saturday evening was spent in luxury at The Ivy at Verity thanks to a few awesome friends of ours who gave us this wonderful experience as a wedding gift.

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When we arrived at 4:00pm  we were immediately taken for a tour around the hotel and then to our room. We were in Room 2.

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Sure, the bed was really comfortable and nice but for us the best part was the bathroom! They make their own epsom salts with different essential oils and they have a huge two person bathtub, a separate large shower and heated floors throughout the bathroom.
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After we had a ridiculously long shower followed by a bubble bath it was time to get dressed for dinner.


At 7:30 we walked downstairs to George Restaurant where we had a lovely 5-course meal! I am a bad blogger and didn’t write down what we ate but just know everything was fantastic! Everything was SO flavourful, I don’t think I’ve ever had a food experience like this before! They were also SUPER accommodating with gluten and shellfish free meals for me!
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What little that I remember of the meals that we had are at the bottom of each photo.

We were so hungry we forgot to take a photo of the first course! It had kale and roasted red peppers. It was AMAZING and really set the mood for an awesome experience.
The Mister’s second course. I believe it was tuna and some unique vegetables.
My second course had sausage AND bacon and the sausage had salt on it that really enhanced the flavour of the entire dish.
My third course was Sweet Bread in a Thai Lentil Curry. This was spicy and flavourful.
The Mister’s third course.
The Mister’s fourth course. He said this was his favourite dish of the night!
My fourth course. Below the meat was a root mash that was out of this world!
My fifth and last course was a flourless chocolate cake with coconut whipped cream, citrus fruit and nuts sprinkled on it.
The Mister’s fifth and last course featured honey ice cream and banana cake.

After dinner it was just after 10:00 so we laid in bed and watched TV (also another luxury we don’t really have in our apartment!) and it just so happened to have Ghostbusters 2 on TV which made The Mister over-the-moon happy! The hotel room also gives you access to Netflix but since we also have that at home we didn’t utilize that amenity.

After a glorious 8 hours of sleep we woke up to a continential breakfast that was served just outside our bedroom that we could either eat in their breakfast nook area or in our hotel room. We chose to eat in our hotel room but the breakfast nook was very cute! Breakfast was cheese and crackers, a meringue, yogurt, nuts and cranberry juice.

The breakfast nook set up with breakfast.
You can sit here and enjoy your breakfast.

After breakfast we packed up our stuff and got ready to head home which was just a quick subway ride.

It was a fantastic time spent with The Mister just relaxing! I can’t wait to go back and experience the spa, which I’ll hopefully be able to do soon.


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