The Paper Anniversary

The Paper Anniversary
You know how we celebrated our first anniversary but you have no idea what we got each other!

A couple of months ago I really started thinking about what I wanted to get The Mister for our first anniversary. I’m a sucker for traditions so I knew it had to be paper-related. The internet has lots of great ideas but the ideas were either extravagant(like plane tickets!) or most definitely NOT The Mister(journal…he’s not a writer so…) so I had to come up with my own ideas.

The first idea I came up with was love coupons. There are numerous ideas on making them, but I’ll admit I just bought some! I let The Mister customize/change them to better suit himself as well so he had a LOT of fun with those.

The other gift was an infographic on our year together. He loved the idea so much we plan on making one every year that we are married to really reflect back on the awesome year we had!


He bought me a gift certificate for new bras AND tickets to see The Darkness in concert later this month. I am so, so excited!

We will also be ending our month with a fabulous staycation at The Ivy at Verity and a 4-course meal for two at George Restaurant both rated 5 stars right here in Toronto thanks to dear friends who got this for us as a wedding present, so instead of one day we’ve managed to make our anniversary last all month!

So tell me, what did you get your spouse for your first anniversary? Did you go with a traditional paper gift or think outside the box?


12 thoughts on “The Paper Anniversary

      1. I’ll be honest, the word puppy caught my eye first and then I read the word family, so my immediate [and typical ‘fur-parent’] reaction was, ‘Oh, they’re adding a puppy to their family.’ Then I re-read it.

        Murray thinks you should get a puppy… and then come and visit. (But if you ever want to come and visit before you get a puppy, she’ll probably be cool with that, too!)


  1. I absolutely love your infographic idea. That I’d genius! We are planning to start a new tradition come our first anniversary on 20th December. Since its so close to Christmas we decided not to buy gifts for each other. Instead every year we will buy a bauble together for a special anniversary tree that we will bring out each Christmas. We too will be sticking to the traditions. So our first bauble will be made of paper, second wood etc. Each year we will see more and more baubles get hung on our little tree πŸ™‚ old romantics πŸ˜‰

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    1. I love the bauble idea! My parents have a similar tradition of getting one each year with the current year on it and adding it to the tree, we started the tradition as well when we got engaged but I LOVE your idea of incorporating the traditional anniversary gifts with this. So clever!


  2. I’m totally a tradionalist as well! Perfect ideas for your gifts and I love the infogragraphic! You will be so thankful you are doing that to look back on in the years to come. May have to snag that idea πŸ˜‰ Have a wonderful anniversary month and enjoy your staycation!


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