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The (No Longer) Newlyweds Game

The (No Longer) Newlyweds Game (2)

We are officially not newlyweds anymore. Is there a cutesy name for 1 year and 1 day of marriage? I suppose it’s just married now…

If you’re of a certain age you may remember the television show The Newlywed Game, where newlywed couples attempted to guess their spouses’ answer to questions. When they guess right, they get points well, we decided to see how well we really know each other after almost 14 years.

All props to The Mister for this! He wanted to play The Newlyweds Game with me, and he won me over by saying, “hey! It could be a blog post!” so here are our answers!

Q. What is Andrew/Elyse’s favourite movie?
His Answer: Ghostbusters
His Answer for Me: Pitch Perfect
My Answer: Drop Dead Gorgeous
My Answer for him: Ghostbusters

1 point for me!

Q. What is one piece of clothing that Andrew/Elyse can’t stand of yours?
His Answer: Graphic Tees
His Answer for me: Plaid Dress
My Answer: Plaid Dress
My Answer for him: Graphic Tees

1 point for each of us

Q. Where would Andrew/Elyse go on their dream honeymoon?
His Answer: Scotland
His Answer for me: Costa Rica
My Answer: Costa Rica
My Answer for him: Antarctica

1 point for him

Q. What is Andrew/Elyse’s favourite restaurant?
His Answer: Barque
His Answer for me: Barque
My Answer: Barque
My Answer for him: A&W

1 point for him

Q. Where did we have our first kiss?
His Answer: In front of drama class doors
My Answer: In front of drama class doors

1 point each

Q. What is the first thing Andrew/Elyse would do if they won the lottery?
His Answer: Pay off student loans
His Answer for me: Pay off student loans
My answer: Buy puppies!
My answer for him: Travel

0 points for both of us!

Q. If your house was on fire, what would be one thing Andrew/Elyse would grab before leaving?
His Answer: Elyse
His Answer for me: Phone
My Answer: My laptop
My Answer for him: His comic books

0 points for both of us, even though I was tempted to give him 1 point for his sweet answer.

Q. Who is Andrew/Elyse’s celebrity crush?
His Answer: Elizabeth Hurley
His Answer for me: AJ Mclean from BSB
My Answer: Matthew McConaughey
My Answer for him: Elizabeth Hurley

1 point for me

Q. What would Andrew/Elyse say is their best physical feature?
His Answer: His eyes
His Answer for me: My legs
My Answer: My eyes
My Answer for him: His legs

0 points for both of us

Final Score:
The Mister – 4
Elyse – 4

It was a tie!

I hope you’ll do this with  your spouse even if you aren’t newlyweds! You don’t have to use our questions, there’s lots of ideas for questions on the internet, so choose some that you think would be more suited for you and your spouse. Let me know in the comments how you did with your spouse!


6 thoughts on “The (No Longer) Newlyweds Game

  1. Too cute and funny! You guys did pretty good! We played a “not so newlywed” game last Valentine’s Day with other couples–married from 24 to 2 years (we’d been married 4 years), and we got the lowest score of all. Part of that was because my husband forgot our wedding anniversary, haha!

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  2. I’m pretty confident I know my wife very well but putting it on a test with a scoreboard might just prove it otherwise. Congrats on your anniversary and many more to come. My wife and I are approaching our first year too so maybe we’ll do this test as well. We are still on our ‘honeymoon stage’ after that we won’t be newlyweds anymore.

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