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Your in-laws are an important part of your spouse’s life. This makes them an important part of your life as well.

Men are what their mothers made them – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love my in-laws! It hasn’t always been that way because not only did they have to deal with their son being a crazy teenager but they had to deal with ME…as a teenager and literally watched us both grow up. We’ve obviously had our ups and downs but that doesn’t negate the fact that they are wonderful people who raised a great guy for me! I am lucky that they are wonderful people and that they also want to have a good relationship with me.

It isn’t easy to balance the needs of yourself, your spouse AND your in-laws. But creating harmony is possible and is totally worth the effort!

There are lots of things you can DO that are good for your relationship and things that you just DON’T for your relationship.

Understand the dynamic between your spouse and his parents.
Be polite and friendly.
Realize you and your spouse are a new family unit.
Get to know your in-laws.
Communicate your thoughts and feelings in a respectable manner.
Set boundaries.

Assume they understand how you feel.
Criticize your spouse’s family.
Take offense to everything they say.
Freak out if you don’t get along right away.
Speak badly about your spouse to them.

In-law relationships can be tricky to handle but with some nurturing just like any relationship it will not only help your relationship with them but with your spouse!

Get to know your in-laws – have conversations, join in their favourite activities and when in doubt ask to look at old baby pictures of your spouse! These are some simple ways to interact with them if you are nervous or trying to rebuild your relationship with your in-laws.

So tell me, do you get along with your in-laws? Are they an important part of your life?

Next up, joint decision making! Don’t miss it on October 15th!


7 thoughts on “In-Laws

  1. My in-laws are the best I could ask for. Andrew and I didn’t exactly get together under the most ideal circumstances but my in laws bore no judgement and have just been super wonderful. My advice would be don’t worry too much about what your in-laws may think of you. As long as your making their son/daughter happy, I’m sure that’s all they care about. 🙂

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  2. i absolutely love my in-laws. my MIL and i have been very close since the beginning and my FIL are working on it. he knows how to push my buttons and challenges a lot of my opinions (read: liberal) but i’m now realizing it’s taking our relationship to a new level to be able to have intense conversations and still have respect for each other. great article!


    1. That’s so awesome Chelsea! I try and not ask those hot button questions, even though I know my in-laws are probably somewhere in the middle so we might not be too far off from my beliefs…but I’m a bit unwilling to rock the boat but I’m glad you can!


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