5 Mistakes Men Make In Marriage

5 Mistakes Men Make in Marriage
I’m hardly an expert on relationships but I’ve seen some things that men do or don’t do whether they know it or not and most of these things can put a huge strain on their marriage. These are sometimes subtle things that they might not even know they’re doing.

Here are 5 common mistakes men make in marriage:

Putting your feelings second
Your opinion and feelings count just as much as your spouses’ and putting your feelings second just to keep the peace never ends well because you will end up resenting your spouse for something that could have been prevented.

Not REALLY listening
You’re looking at us, you’re being quiet so it looks like you’re listening but you really aren’t. That can only cause problems later on when your spouse references a conversation that you both had and you can’t remember a thing they said because you weren’t ACTUALLY listening to them.

Assuming our definitions of intimacy are the same
You assume intimacy=sex, she assumes intimacy=cuddling. You see how that can cause problems? Talking about your expectations clearly and often can really help clear up any confusion.

Believing a marriage doesn’t take work
You got the lady, your job is done, right? WRONG! Investing in your relationship and your spouse is of utmost importance throughout your marriage in order to keep it awesome.

Making major decisions without consulting their spouse
Making large purchases without consulting your spouse is a HUGE no-no! Both of you have both agreed on what you want out of life and huge purchases can derail that making your spouse feel like you don’t care about your shared future.

The best part about knowing what mistakes you’ve made is being able to improve yourself and your relationship!

No blaming here, really! How do you go about addressing issues in your relationship? Have you ever had to deal with any major issues in your relationship?


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