Our (Almost) Autumn Nature Walk

Our (Almost)Autumn Nature Walk

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that The Mister and I have taken to walking the Don Valley Trail. I can’t think of anything that’s much better than the turning leaves, sounds of moving water and spending time with The Mister. It barely feels like exercise since we are just enjoying spending time together!

It’s hard to believe it but the Don Valley Trail is actually beside a very large highway, but between the constant hum of bikes and people talking along with the river it’s VERY easy to forget.

Yesterday we took it a little bit more leisurely then we normally do, so that we could spend more time together and less time worrying about keeping our heart rate up. It was the perfect day weather-wise and we enjoyed being in nature walking hand-in-hand.

You see that hill in the distance? We walked down it to get to the trail. It doesn’t look very big but it really is!
During parts of the trail we are closer to the Don Valley Parkway than others. This is at the beginning and we’re quite close!
The Don River.
It’s easy to forget that we are in Toronto when you’re surrounded by trees and a river!
The Bloor Viaduct which is a reminder that indeed we are still in Toronto!

our-almost-autumn-nature-walk-just-murrayed-3 our-almost-autumn-nature-walk-just-murrayed-5 our-almost-autumn-nature-walk-just-murrayed-6 our-almost-autumn-nature-walk-just-murrayed-8 our-almost-autumn-nature-walk-just-murrayed-9 our-almost-autumn-nature-walk-just-murrayed-10 our-almost-autumn-nature-walk-just-murrayed-12 our-almost-autumn-nature-walk-just-murrayed-13

So tell me, do you go on nature walks with your spouse? Or do you exercise with your spouse? 


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