A to Z of a Happy Marriage



I’m continuing the blog series, “A to Z of a Happy Marriage”. You can check out the rest of the series by clicking here or go to the ‘A to Z Marriage Series’ page.

Laughter is the best medicine – not just because it brings couples together but it also reduces tension, stress and blood pressure.

“A marriage without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs – jolted by every pebble in the road.” – Henry Ward Beecher.

The Mister’s sense of humour gets him out of trouble ALL the time with me thanks to his one famous line. You wanna know what it is? I’m so happy that you’re mad because I want to see all the sides of Elyse. The good, the bad and the mad. It’s entirely ridiculous but it gets me laughing every time.

Finding the humour in everyday life is a great way to live happily ever after with your spouse. When you laugh with your spouse it draws you closer. When you laugh with one another, you create a positive bond between you. This bond acts as a strong buffer against stress, disagreements and bad patches in a relationship. And laughter really is contagious—just hearing someone laugh primes you to smile and join in on the fun.

Humor isn’t a miracle cure for relationship problems but it can be an important tool to help you overcome the rough spots that affect every relationship from time to time.

Humour doesn’t always come easily to everyone, but ask yourself how can I laugh more with my spouse? How can I make them laugh today?

Do you have a sense of humour? How about your spouse? Do you laugh daily with your spouse?

Next up, In-laws! Don’t miss it on October 1st!


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