Date Nights For Your Love Language

Date Nights For Your Love Language

I’m sure most of you have heard of the 5 Love Languages. If you haven’t go and take the test to find out what your love language is here.

Knowing your love language will allow you to tell your spouse what you need from them. They can also make your date nights a lot more fun!

Obviously some of the ideas overlap love languages which makes it easy to make you both happy on date night!

Here are 3 ideas for each Love Language:

Physical Touch
1. Go slow dancing.
2. Have your spouse teach you a sport/skill they play and let them be “hands on”.
3. Rent a movie and cuddle on the couch sharing popcorn.

Quality Time
1. Take a blanket out on the lawn and do some stargazing!
2. Go to a food festival together; eat good food and hold hands and keep your phones off.
3. Take a class together that you both have no experience in.

Receiving Gifts
1. Plan a scavenger hunt around town, have a gift and the next clue until the ultimate gift at the end.
2. Give a gift card to her favourite store and spend some time together shopping.
3. Gift them a picnic basket with all the necessities to take a picnic together.

Acts of Service
1. Bake cookies together and deliver them together to the police/fire stations in your town.
2. Write post-it notes with words of encouragement for your neighbours and walk around the neighborhood putting them on their door.
3. Make a day out of helping for Habitat for Humanity or a soup kitchen together.

Words of Affirmation
1. Go out for dinner and give a card with 100 reasons why you love them (and spend the night complimenting them!)
2. Go bowling and give them praise when they strike out (or praise them when they don’t strike out!)
3. Take an art class together and spend the time praising your spouses’ talent!

Happy date night!

So tell me, what’s your love language, and what’s your favourite date night idea that makes you feel loved the most?


8 thoughts on “Date Nights For Your Love Language

    1. Most of the ones I’ve posted also could be for multiple love languages which is great if you and your spouse have different love languages. You’ll have to tell me what your love language is after taking the test!


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