5 Wedding Mementos I Kept

5 Wedding Mementos I Kept
Our wedding was one of the best days of my life (DUH!) but we don’t have a lot of space so I had to be choosy about what mementos I kept and the things I threw out. I wasn’t sure if I would give away my dress because I was so afraid that I wouldn’t have any mementos, but when I realized after the wedding ALL of the wonderful things I have as mementos it was such an easy decision to donate my wedding dress.

Here are 5 things I decided to keep:

1. Shoes
I wore two pairs of shoes for the day, the first pair was an open toe glittery high heel that I never imagined I’d wear or even try on, but alas I loved them! I wore these for the ceremony and formal photos. The second pair was a much more reasonable lace flat that I chose to wear for the reception so that I could dance the night away!


2. Bridal Comb / Jewellery
My wonderful Aunt Darlene gifted me with my wedding jewellery. It was a leaf bridal comb, pearl drop earrings and pearl bobby pins.


3. Guest Book
One of The Mister’s “jobs” for the wedding was to find a guestbook, whether it was a fun unique idea or just a simple guestbook. He went with a simple guestbook and added the design of our invitation to the front.


4. Cake Toppers
The Mister bought these just after we got engaged, after looking on etsy and not finding anything that was “us” he got the brilliant idea to make these our cake toppers. They were such a cute touch!


5. Invitation
The Mister designed the invitations using our navy and coral colour scheme, and they looked super cute! Unfortunately, it’s hidden away in the back of our closet with our other keepsakes so I couldn’t take a picture for you but the front is similar to the inside of our guestbook so you can get an idea.

I’m hoping one day when we have more space to get a wedding keepsake box, so that everything can be nicely displayed on our dresser instead of in the back of closet in a plastic container. On our anniversary I can pull out the wedding keepsake box and have all of those awesome memories come flooding back!

So tell me, what things did you keep from your wedding? What did you decide to throw out?


6 thoughts on “5 Wedding Mementos I Kept

  1. Hey Elyse, wow cutting down to 5 must have been tough. I still have a massive box in the basement full to the brim. One thing you could do for the time being is make a shadow box to display some of the small things. I put my necklace, invitation, a picture, readings from the ceremony and dried flowers from bouquet. It’s nice to see it displayed!


  2. I kept a few things. I kept my dress, my shoes (I’ve worn them to my sister and brothers wedding and then mine!), our cake topper and a couple of the invitations. I kept my veil, despite forgetting it the day of. And my husband bought his bow tie to keep. We didn’t do too much, but I did keep my dress. I love it so much that I couldn’t part with it yet.

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    1. Do you think you’ll keep your dress for good? I briefly thought about it, but I’m happy with my decision to donate it.

      Did you display any of your mementos?


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