5 Mistakes Women Make in Marriage


As women, it seems we place a lot of emphasis on the wedding but not enough time on being married and staying married which can result in some BIG mistakes in your marriage.

Here are 5 common mistakes I’ve seen married women make:

Overthinking About EVERYTHING
Some things are just not meant to be. STOP! Analyzing everything that’s been said that day, week or month.

Keeping Score
Tit for tat doesn’t work in a relationship. So quit keeping scores and let go of past fights.

Passive Aggression
Stop thinking your spouse is a mind reader and just tell him when and what upsets you and let go of the unnecessary drama.

You Don’t Think Sex is a Priority
Sex is way more than just a physical act to your husband, it’s one source of validation for him, so just DO IT!

Relying on Another Person for Your Happiness
It’s great to have a partner who knows exactly what makes you happy and wants to make you happy but relying on your spouse to dictate your happiness will never work out well.

Are you guilty of any of these things? I know I have been at one time or another, the best part is you can AlWAYS make improvements in your relationship, nothing is ever lost, so start now to make your relationship AWESOME!

If this seems like it’s a bit of a shot towards women and the things we do, don’t worry, I’ve got a post about the mistakes men make, ya know, for equality sake.

So tell me, what mistakes are you guilty of?


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