Books and Bites: College Edition

Once again, Amanda (The Literary Counsellor) and I took to the streets of Toronto. This time we explored College St.

Our first stop was supposed to be She Said Boom, but as usual we arrived too early so we decided to to go grab a drink at Voodoo Child Cafe. My drink of choice was an unsweetened iced tea. It was great! Perfectly refreshing on what turned out to be a pretty hot day.

It was now 11:15, so we decided to see if She Said Boom was open yet, but alas it was not, so we headed to Sneaky Dee’s for an early lunch. The atmosphere is a bit loud and wild with graffiti everywhere that and the proximity makes it a favourite hangout for local college students.

Sneaky Dee’s are known for its nachos, but I wasn’t feeling nachos so I went with a taco and and an enchilada with rice and beans and salad. It was a satisfying meal, and as usual I ate WAY too much!

After we were stuffed to the gills, we headed to Balfour Books. Balfour Books was so perfect! I love when used bookstores have books everywhere. When I see books piled everywhere it skips a beat! It has a variety of genres, in the front are the more mainstream books and farther back are the more unique and obscure books!






After Balfour Books, we headed to Trinity Bellwoods Park to take a break from the heat and let our food settle after our huge meal so we sat in the shade and watched dogs run around (including a dog go missing!) and chatted.

When we were ready to venture off again, we went to an ice cream place that I’d been years ago, The Big Chill. They are known for their homemade waffle cones, but I was obviously not able to partake in that awesomeness, but I did have one of the best ice creams EVER! It was white chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and strawberry swirls AKA Elyse’s perfect flavour. If you’re wondering whether or not I am still thinking and dreaming about it, the answer is YES!



It was finally early afternoon so we thought we’d try She Said Boom again, and luckily it was open! It’s your typical used bookstore but it has the unique feature of having records, if that’s your thing I’m sure you’ll love She Said Boom!





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So tell me, how was your weekend? Did you do anything bookish?


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