10 Date Ideas for $10 or Less

10 Date Ideas for $10 or Less
You all know I’m a HUGE fan of date nights with The Mister, but that doesn’t mean our wallets like frequent date nights, so we’ve become creative in finding new and cheap things to do to reconnect with each other.

Here are 10 ideas for a cheap date night:

1. Movie in the Park
What’s better than cozying up to your spouse under a blanket and watching a movie in the warmth of the summer nights?

The Mister and I have started to do this since the weather has been so great this summer AND it’s actually made us money, since The Mister is a movie buff and there’s always a quiz he wins, so we get prizes!

2. Go skating and drinks after
Go digging at the back of your closet and grab your skates! What’s better than getting some exercise(happy endorphins) and then when you’re cold and tired or hot and sweaty go grab a hot chocolate or milkshake.

3. Walk a trail
What’s better than being out in nature, getting exercise and being with your spouse. Not much, I’d reckon. What a great time to really talk and have fun.

4. Go to a farmers market
Farmers markets are a great way to spend a couple of hours chatting with your spouse along with the local farmers. Go early for less crowds and more variety. Pick ingredients and make dinner with those ingredients!

5. Free museum visit
Here in Toronto, some galleries or museums have free evenings and I’m sure that most cities do too! Go find them!

6. Open House
Living in the city, The Mister and I frequently walk around our neighbourhood and we’ve always wondered what some of the old beautiful homes that we are surrounded by look like, well it came to me one day when I saw a sign for an open house for an old home in our neighbourhood, why stop wondering what they look like and go and explore these houses!

8. Frisbee at the Park
You don’t have to be an athlete to play frisbee, grab a frisbee and get out there with your spouse.

9. Tea Tasting
Go to your local tea shop and sample their teas, pick a fave and sit down and enjoy each others company.

10. Go Fly a Kite
Kite flying isn’t just for kids. On a windy day go buy a kite and go fly it in your local park.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for cheap date nights, so you can focus on making memories and not how much money you’ve spent!

Tell me, what’s your favourite cheap date night? 


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