Baseball, Barbecue & Best Friends

This past weekend was one of those weekends that you don’t want to close your eyes to go to sleep because you don’t want it to be over. Those are the kinds of weekends I live for!

You may remember that my 29th birthday was on Wednesday. The Mister is always so good at surprising me, so I should have known that when he was downplaying my birthday that he obviously had something even better planned. I managed to find out that we are going to the Toronto Blue Jays baseball game against the New York Yankees by accidentally reading his email on Thursday and seeing the words baseball game, but lucky for him I got too excited to read past those words or I would have ruined the other two surprises he had in for me!

Once I figured out we were going to a baseball game, I was so excited! We woke up early on Saturday to get ready but I had no idea he still had two surprises for me!


We headed down to the Rogers Centre nice and early because The Mister said it would be pretty busy since it’s the Yankees, which he wasn’t necessarily wrong but I did wonder why were going SO early.


We walked towards our gate and then I realize I see Heather and Justin, for a split second I was thinking it was a weird coincidence that they were coming to the same game, but then I realized they were actually coming to the game with us! I was so excited!

After we met up and went through the gates we found our seats and waited for the game to start!

It was a tough game to watch because they lost 4-1 to the Yankees but it was still a great time catching up with friends.

After the game The Mister had ONE more surprise for me, we were all going to Barque, which is my fave barbecue restaurant. The Mister and I shared dry baby back ribs, brisket and pulled pork along with fries, corn on the cob with butter and lime and an Asian coleslaw.



It was sad to see them go because I had such an amazing day but I know I will see them soon!

How was your weekend? Tell me ALL about it in the comments! 


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