5 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Wedding Day

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Your

Everyone gives you advice about how your wedding day will go down – how it’s basically a blur or maybe, to wear comfortable shoes since it’s a LONG day, but here are 5 things nobody tells you about your wedding day.

1. You will feel calm…like really calm.
My stress level went up and down as the 15 months passed from our engagement to the wedding but for some reason I woke up the day of my wedding calm. Absolutely calm. It was alright if I forgot to plan or do a small detail for the day because the day was here and I couldn’t do anything about it.

2. You won’t spend much time talking to the person you just married.
Between photographs, talking with guests and eating you will say about 10 words in the 10 hours that you are together.

3. Things will go wrong.
No amount of planning can prevent something from going wrong. Don’t worry about it though because most likely your guests won’t notice. And if they do, who cares? The most important part is your married!

4. You may not have a single memory of the day.
It took about 8 months after the wedding to have even more than one memory of our entire day. Don’t worry about it. Some things will come back, just keep taking a look at your wedding photos and have people tell you stories about the day!

5. You might not actually see (or get to talk to) every guest.
We had grand intentions of a receiving line but it didn’t happen. We just went around to the tables before dinner to hopefully greet every single guest, but to be honest with you, I’m not sure I talked to everyone and that kills me, but what’s done is done.

So tell me, was there something nobody told you about your wedding day? 


8 thoughts on “5 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Wedding Day

    1. Ha! The fuses blew in the kitchen at our reception hall about a half hour before we were eating and my dad and one of the chef’s had to go to the basement with their IPhones as flashlights to flip them back on….


  1. As someone that has been in the event/wedding industry for 5 years, I agree with a good majority of these.

    My one piece of advise for brides on their wedding day is find 15 minutes to step away from everyone. If you want 15 minutes with one of your friends or a family member instead do it. Every wedding I’ve been in, I have “kidnapped” the bride for just 15 minutes, given her a drink & her iPod, and told her to shut down for just a few. As much as it is “her” day the problem is everyone wants a piece of the bride. You need to build in some down time so you don’t get overwhelmed.


  2. Number 3—we lost my husband’s wedding ring but found it in my bridesmaid’s clothes she had just changed out of. It was on her hand and it slipped off. And on the way up the steps into the church my wedding dress was caught on my heels which resulted in my brother trying to hurry me along because he had no idea I was stuck. Yes, things go wrong, which can cause massive chaos. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #Alittlebitofeverything! Have a great night!


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