Reverse Bucket List

Today is my 29th birthday! Birthdays have a way of making you look back on your life but especially since I’m so close to a milestone birthday, I’ve tried to look a little harder for all the great experiences I’ve had throughout my life, which made me create this reverse bucket list of 29 cool or fun things I’ve done in my 29 years!

1. Got Married
October 4, 2014, we were married in a beautiful ceremony followed by a fun-filled reception! It was the perfect day from start to finish and a day I’ll never forget!

2. Go to College With my Best Friend
Not everyone gets to go to college with their best friend but I did! It was a blast living and going to school together. The late night Taco Bell runs and dining hall antics were some awesome times!

3. Meet Dame Jane Goodall
When I was a little girl I wanted to BE Jane Goodall. I had dreams of living in Africa studying the chimpanzees and making the planet a better place. As I got older, I realized that wasn’t the way my life was going, and wasn’t the way I wanted my life to go. That didn’t stop me from still loving Jane Goodall. She’s done wonderful things for the earth, so when she was going to be speaking in Toronto, I knew I HAD to go, no matter what the cost. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to sell a kidney to go see her.

4. Graduate college again and again and again
I have two college diplomas and a certificate! I’m most proud of my certificate though because I worked full-time, volunteered and still managed to go to classes on weekends and evenings. It was a rough time but I did it!

5. Have my picture in a magazine.
My uncle was the editor for Harrowsmith Country Life magazine and he needed a couple of models so myself, my sister and her boyfriend bundled up on what must have been the coldest day of the year to take some photos in the country.

6. Meet the Backstreet Boys
To be young and crazy again! I spent about half a month’s rent to meet the Backstreet Boys along with my best friend but it was an awesome experience that I won’t forget!

7. Go on a Backstreet Boys Cruise
This was an amazing 4 days of partying in the Bahamas with my best friend and a bunch of other crazy ladies! We got SO close to the Backstreet Boys, we hung out with them and just had a blast!

8. Snorkeling in Aruba
I was very apprehensive about doing this because I am not fond of the creepy crawlies of the sea, BUT I put my big girl pants on and just did it and it was SO AMAZING! Clownfish, parrot fish and other creatures were just swimming below us.

9. Visit Warner Bros. Studios
Our trip to LA was mostly about eating at all the typical American fast food joints but there was obviously some other places we had to visit while we there and Warner Bros. Studios was at the top of our list! It was a lot of fun going around the sets, visiting the museum of past movie costumes(which we weren’t allowed to take pictures of!). It was such a surreal and fun day visiting Warner Bros. Studios!

10. Visited Time Square
In Grade 11 I got the opportunity to go to New York City with my school. It was an amazing trip even if we didn’t get to see everything because of the timing there was a fear of terrorist attacks so lots of tourist attractions were actually closed, BUT we did still get to experience walking around New York and Time Square at night is an amazing experience because I had never lived in a city at that point so experiencing the hustle and bustle even at nighttime was amazing!

11. Get engaged in British Columbia
On the second last day of our trip to witness friends get married in British Columbia, The Mister proposed! It was the perfect proposal for us. There were no heartfelt words and fireworks, only curse words and a car. It was wonderful!

12. LA Trip
Warner Brothers Studios, Sony Studios, The Grove, scenic mountain drives and lots of FOOD was exactly what we wanted to do in LA and we did. Most days were spent mapping out the next fast food restaurant we wanted to eat at(obviously before my Celiac Disease diagnosis) and doing things in between those times. The weather was way chillier than we thought nonetheless it was an awesome trip!

13. Visit Mexico to Witness Best Friend Get Married
May 3, 2013 my best friend Heather married her high school sweetheart Justin in a beautiful intimate wedding with the ocean and sunshine as the gorgeous backdrop!

We spent a week of drinking, eating and relaxing all before the beautiful ceremony! It was beyond perfect!

14. Be an aunt
My niece was born in April about a week and half after my grandpa died. She’s obviously brought a huge amount of joy into everyone’s life!

15. Got a Tattoo
It was my last crazy thing I did before going into the adult world after college. I don’t regret it entirely, but I do wish I put more than a couple of days thought into it.

16. Watch the Sunrise in Mexico
When I’m in a new city or country, I always make it a point to see a sunrise. The Mexican sunrise didn’t disappoint. It was absolutely gorgeous over the ocean.

17. 8 Rows Back From Home Plate
I grew up going to baseball games for my birthdays and any other times my dad could get tickets. I always thought they were great seats, that was until my boss offered me a pair of his seasons tickets and they were 8 rows behind home plate! They were EPIC seats!

18. Bridal Boudoir
I’m definitely okay with my body and the way it looks but I still never thought I’d do a bridal boudoir session, but I did! Instead of doing an engagement session with our wedding photographer, I gifted Andrew with sexy photos of me!

19. Landing my first legal assistant job
After I graduated, I wasn’t sure how quick I would get a job. Luckily, I only had to wait 2 months before I landed my first legal assistant job. It was a great first job that I learned a lot in, but I’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

20. Got a Book Signed by One of my Favourite Authors
I worked at a bookstore for almost two years. It was a great job where I met a lot of great people but it also had lots of great perks. One of those perks was getting invited to book signings, so when Jeff Lindsay the author of the ‘Dexter’ book series, I knew I had to go! I went with my good friend, Amanda and it was a great experience!

21. Saw RENT on Broadway
During my trip to New York City I got to go see RENT on Broadway. It was an awesome show and a once in a lifetime experience!

22. Saw a Movie Being Shot
I’ve actually seen quite a few movies and shows being shot because my hometown seems to be a great place for the quaint town everyone seems to need in movies but this past May we got to see a much cooler movie shoot. We saw Suicide Squad being shot right at Bay and Bloor here in Toronto! It was so cool!

23. Brain Surgery
Having been born with the brain condition hydrocephalus, I’m not new to brain surgery. I’ve had 4 brain surgeries in my 29 years. It did throw me for a loop however, when 3 months before my wedding I was being wheeled into surgery.

24. Be a Maid of Honour
My best friend Heather was married in an intimate ceremony, so I was totally honored to be the Maid of Honour! Heather was definitely not a bridezilla and made for the experience of Maid of Honour, wonderful!

All photos courtesy of Pam Vorkapic Photography.
All photos courtesy of Pam Vorkapic Photography.

25. Visit the Walk of Fame
Here in Toronto we have a Walk of Fame of Canadian actresses and artists, but let’s be real the REAL Walk of Fame is in Hollywood. When we were in LA, obviously one of those things we had to do was to walk along the Walk of Fame taking in all those famous names!

26. See The Book of Mormon musical
When The Book of Mormon musical was here in Toronto the first time in 2013, we couldn’t get tickets, so I was determined when they came back the next year that I would get tickets, and I did! The Mister and I went to The Princess of Wales Theatre to take it all in. It was an absolutely hilarious show!

27. Live in Toronto
If you’d ask me at 19 where I would be 10 years later, the last place I would say Toronto, but lo and behold it happened! It still shocks me that this “small town girl” is in the big city!

28. Bought My Wedding Dress at the Same Place as My Mother
Toronto has tons of bridal shops but I knew there was only ONE place I wanted to go and that was Becker’s Bridals. Sure it’s awesome that it’s just down the street from where I live but the REAL reason I wanted to get my dress at Becker’s Bridals was because it was the same place that my mom got hers 37 years before me.

29. Visit Niagara Falls at Night
The Mister is always doing spontaneous things so when he picked me up after work saying that we were going to Niagara Falls for the night I knew we were going to have some FUN! We visited the Falls, got lost in a mirror maze, played dinosaur mini-putt and went on the SkyWheel.

So tell me, what are some of the cool or fun things you’ve done in your lifetime?


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