Highs and Lows of July

July can be summed up with saying family! I think we spent most weekends either seeing my family or The Mister’s. Those are my favourite times, so it’s been a great month!

July 4th, the Bloor Viaduct in Toronto was illuminated for the first time this day and in honor of this momentous occasion, there was a free concert, food and dancing. Since we live just down the street we gathered a couple of friends to take in the festivities.

highs-and-lows-of-july-just-murrayed-2 highs-and-lows-of-july-just-murrayed-1

On July 8th, I FINALLY went to see my cardiologist. I’m supposed to see her every 2-3 years but I kept dropping the ball and it had been closer to 10 years before I got to see her. I’m happy to report that nothing has changed and that I’m in good health!

On July 11th, The Mister and I witness his brother Tom and his new wife Marley get married in a beautiful intimate backyard ceremony.

July 19th was the 2nd Annual Family Baseball Game. It was a VERY hot day so I bowed out saying I was the “photographer” while they played a couple of innings. After the baseball game was over we all came over to my parents house and had a swim and a barbecue.

highs-and-lows-of-july-just-murrayed-5 highs-and-lows-of-july-just-murrayed-4 highs-and-lows-of-july-just-murrayed-3

July 20th was date night with the Mister. We saw Trainwreck with Amy Schumer. A tad long but overall really, really funny.

July 25th – On this hot, hot Saturday Amanda and I headed to Greektown for Books and Bites: Danforth Edition. We saw some cool used bookstores and ate lots of great Italian food!




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