Books and Bites: Danforth Edition

Yesterday Amanda and I headed out on the Danforth aka Greektown for another edition of Books and Bites! Truthfully, it was stinkin’ hot so I’m glad we didn’t go gallivanting across the city. We still ended up doing lots though!

We started east and worked our way west on Danforth Avenue, starting with Circus Books & Music at 866 Danforth Ave. It’s focus is on used fiction books along with vinyl records but the store also offers a range of art and children’s books. Circus is exactly how I picture a used bookstore. Some people looking at different sections and things are neat but not immaculate. Perfection!






Our next stop was Il Fornello because it was approaching lunch time! Il Fornello is a restaurant chain with locations around the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. In my opinion, the Danforth location is the best of the bunch! It’s standard Italian food like pizzas and pasta but done right! It’s a bonus that they were one of the first places to do gluten-free options as well!

I had the gluten-free Hawaiian pizza. It was AMAZING! It’s the best gluten-free pizza crust, I’ve ever encountered. The serving was huge, and I didn’t think I’d come close to finishing but I managed to eat about 90% of it because it was too good to go to waste.

After we’d recharged with food, we continued walking towards Re: Reading located at 548 Danforth Ave. It’s another used bookstore that doesn’t have any specific specialty, but it’s jam-packed with all genres including rare and specialty books.






After Re-Reading, we headed west again to Book City! It’s arguably the most popular bookstore on the Danforth and my go-to bookstore! Book City was founded and is still operated by a family that goes back four generations in the book business. There store is jam-packed with new and back-listed titles along with bargain books.






When we finished the last of the bookstores on the Danforth, it was time to head back west for dessert! We decided on this great gelato place, Dolce to keep the Italian vibe going!

Dolce gelato boasts more than 60 flavours of gelato at one time. You can get it in a cup or a cone, but obviously since I’m gluten-free I got mine in a cup. I decided on strawberry and lemon. The lemon is refreshing and the strawberry packs such a strawberry flavour that it instantly screamed summer to me. It was the perfect palate cleanser for a hot day.

After we’d eaten our gelato there was one last spot to check out, it had nothing to do with eating or books but it did have lots of great memories for me and that was Beckers Bridal. It’s where I bought my wedding dress!

After we were hot and sweaty and had hit every bookstore in Greektown, it was time for Amanda to go back to Oakville.

So tell me, what are some of your favourite bookstores in Toronto? Or, just tell me What did you do on Saturday?


5 thoughts on “Books and Bites: Danforth Edition

  1. How fun!! I love used book stores, but I haven’t been to one in a while. We lived within walking distance of a really fun one in Los Angeles for a while where I found a first edition Agatha Christie! My Saturday was spent with friends. We played outside in the water with our toddlers, and had a grown-ups only bonfire+s’mores that night. A pretty good day!


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