5 Must Read Blogs for Married People

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I am a self-proclaimed blogaholic, so when I got married I started reading marriage/newlywed blogs because I wanted to read about other people who were in the same boat as me, who were madly in love with their spouse and wanted to do anything and everything to not only make it work but to keep it awesome. In my search I discovered some awesome blogs that I now regularly read and thought I would share with you.

1. The New Wifestyle

Chelsea, at The New Wifestyle is all about empowering women and their relationships. She believes (and I do too!) that having choices and not expectations makes for the best marriages.

Why I Like The Blog
I like the way Chelsea writes, it’s conversational so it feels like she’s actually talking to you. She also keeps it real with her posts on anxiety which I always find refreshing since her life isn’t picture perfect.

Here are my fave blog posts:

1. Behind Every Great Man Is…
2. My War With Anxiety
3. Married AND still an individual. Whoa.

2. A Prioritized Marriage

Amberly, at A Prioritized Marriage doesn’t portray what a perfect marriage should look like, rather she gives you an honest portrayal of her marriage and how she’s making it work.

Why I like The Blog
She’s a bit “ahead” of us in the responsibility front, she’s got a new baby and she’s trying to figure it all out while balancing school, work and being a wife.

Here are my fave blog posts:

1. Do You Think to Tell Your Husband First
2. Things My In Laws Taught Me
3. My Perfect Wife Perception

3. Hudson & Emily
Hudson and Emily are a Christian couple who enjoy spending time together and enjoy sharing their lives via their blog.

Why I Like The Blog
Hudson and Emily are a couple who have been together even longer than The Mister and I. They have a lot of fun together and they like to show how much fun marriage can actually be.

Here are my fave blog posts:

1. 7 Things You Learn Your First Year of Marriage
2. Advice For a Happy Marriage
3. How to Light a Fire

4. #Staymarriedblog
The #staymarried blog is a place with lots of helpful advice no matter what stage or state your marriage is in.

Why I Like The Blog
They always seem to have a relevant post. Plain and simple. They are way ahead of us in the responsibility front so I love seeing how they still make it work even after 3 kids!

Here are my fave blog posts:

1. 7 Marriage Myths and the Truths No One Talks About
2. How to Think Like a Team
3. 5 Ways to Stay Engaged Once You’re Married

5. The Newlywed Notebook
Lindsay at The Newlywed Notebook is a blog that chronicles the everyday struggles and triumphs along with the lessons learned from married life.

Why I Like The Blog
I love that she’s been with her husband even longer than The Mister and I. She’s got a pretty blog and looks like a picture perfect life, but she still keeps it real with lots of personal posts.

1. 5 Things I Didn’t Know Would Change
2. #Newlywedproblems How Not to be His Mom
3. 10 Things Never to Say to a Newlywed

Did I miss anyone? Give me your suggestions in the comments for some marriage blogs I should be reading! 


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