5 Worst Pieces of Marriage Advice I’ve Heard

5 Worst Pieces of Marriage Advice I've

Marriage is a lifetime commitment so your friends, family and even random strangers on a subway want you to have a successful marriage. Which means EVERYONE will want to give you their advice. No two couples are the same, but I’m pretty sure these pieces of marriage advice won’t help anyone have a good marriage.

1. Never hate each others guts at the same time.
I think this is supposed to be funny but it just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t hate my husband and I know he doesn’t hate me. Why would you stay together if you both hate each other? Maybe if we married for money instead of love this might apply?

2. Don’t worry divorce is always an option.
This was told to me by an acquaintance when I mentioned that I was super stressed with wedding planning. I didn’t say anything to them when they made this comment, but I was tempted. If you’re going to go into a marriage knowing divorce is an option, why spend ALL that money for a wedding?

3. You should always know what aisle the rat poison is in Home Depot.
This piece of advice actually was given to a friend but I thought it was pretty crazy that I HAD to include it. I’m not sure what type of person would say this to a newlywed but I’m sure it was someone who wasn’t very happy in their relationship.

4. The best way to a mans wallet is through great sex.
This piece of advice was given to me by an older coworker. Last time I checked when we got married my title changed to “wife” not “prostitute”. This just makes it seem like men are just brainless sex maniacs who only got married for the sex. Gross.

5. Don’t change your name because it’s a huge pain to change it back when you get divorced.
The lady when I went to go change my identification told me to not change my last name because it’s a huge pain to change it back when you get divorced. Not if, when. I just shook my head because to me it just means she’s in an unhappy marriage herself.

So tell me, what’s the worst piece of marriage advice you’ve heard?


4 thoughts on “5 Worst Pieces of Marriage Advice I’ve Heard

  1. My fiancé and I are so sick of hearing, “happy wife, happy life.” Since when is my happiness all that matters? This should be a partnership between two happy people, no?


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