Books and BBQ

Today was another great day spent with Amanda!

Our goal today was books and barbecue and we did that and more!

We were a bit early for our reservation at Barque Smokehouse so we started our day off at Another Story Bookshop. It’s an independent bookshop that focuses on themes of diversity and social justice.

books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-1 books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-2After spending our time there we headed a couple of stores down to David’s Tea! It was a hot day so we needed a sparkling iced tea to refuel while we waited for our reservation.


Once we finished our iced tea it was FINALLY time for Barque Smokehouse! This is only my second time there, but it didn’t disappoint! I chose the brisket with coleslaw and salad. The brisket was tender and the salad and coleslaw the perfect palate cleanser to the brisket.



After this awesome meal, we made our way to The Monkey’s Paw. The Monkey’s Paw is a Toronto antique book shop specializing in uncommon books and paper artifacts. There were TONS of books I wanted but I figured I shouldn’t buy the whole bookstore in one day, so I restrained myself!

books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-6 books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-7 books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-9 books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-10

The Monkey’s Paw is also home to the Biblio-Mat, the world’s first randomizing vending machine for old books. Amanda and I obviously had to try the Biblio-Mat! For two bucks I ended up with a copy of Roy Rogers and the Gopher Creek Gunman that was published in 1945.



After our trip to The Monkey’s Paw we ended up at Type which is another bookstore that also specializes in paper goods.

books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-13 books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-14 books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-15 books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-16


After visiting two bookstores we were ready for dessert. Luckily nearby was Nadege. They are known for their macarons so obviously we had to try them. I ended up getting the cotton candy and vanilla. Both were to die for! I will definitely be going back because after eating those two I immediately wanted two more but again I restrained myself, somehow.

books-and-barbecue-just-murrayed-17After dessert, I headed to Union Station with her to see her off back to Oakville.

Another Saturday over that was filled to the brim with fun and food! I love summer days like this!

Tell me, how was your Saturday? 




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