5 Downsides to Marrying Your High School Sweetheart

5 Downsides to MarryingYour High School

High school, college, first day of my “grown up job”, surgeries, long distance relationships. The Mister and I have been through it ALL together. Whenever I tell people The Mister and I have been together for 13 years, you can tell they’re doing mental math and then they smile and exclaim, ” High school sweethearts!”

I LOVE that we met in high school and have had a lot of “firsts” together. But, as we’ve gotten older I’ve noticed a few unexpected downsides that don’t affect couples who met in adulthood.

1. They have proof of how awkward you looked in high school.
He had mutton chops. I had a popular haircut that I LOVED but it didn’t suit me at ALL. To keep our egos in check, we bring out our old yearbooks and old photos.

2. They remember every stupid thing you said or believed in high school.
That great catchphrase you loved in high school, but haven’t used since high school? They’ll remind you how much you used it. Or maybe you had a dumb belief about the world. Well, they won’t let you EVER forget it.

3. You missed out on the whole “living alone” thing.
We went from our parents house to college roommates to living together. I’ve never eaten crackers at the sink because I didn’t want to dirty a dish or haven’t cleaned my apartment for months because no one is seeing it anyways. These are luxuries I’ve never had because I always come home to someone.

4. You have nothing to add to friends’ dating horror stories.
Most of my friends have hilarious/horrific dating stories. I love to hear them, even if I can’t participate in the conversation! Hearing them makes me certain if I hadn’t met The Mister when I did, I’d go the route of “Crazy Cat Lady” sooner rather than later.

5. You can’t lie about being a child prodigy, since they saw your grades in high school.
He knows about that summer between Grade 9 and Grade 10 that I spent a month in summer school for failing two classes. I know what his grade was in Grade 10 math when the teacher gave him his “pity pass”. These are things we can’t lie about because they were around for them. Sigh.

What am I missing? Tell me some more downsides to settling down with The Mister so young. 


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