Bridechilla or Bridezilla?

Bridechilla or Bridezilla Just Murrayed (1)

I’m sure everyone knows what a bridezilla is or perhaps you have even encountered one in real life. She’s the one who expects everyone to get the expensive dress and expects you to plan an extravagant Las Vegas bachelorette party along with attending every single pre-party she has. She’s the one who freaks out when the tiniest details go astray.

I’ve had a LOT of years thinking about my wedding so I thought I knew what I wanted when it came to our wedding so automatically I thought I’d be a bridezilla. But once I started ACTUALLY planning my wedding, I remembered my true self. I’m SO indecisive. Like, I can barely make a decision about what I want to eat for dinner most nights.

I was a bridechilla.

What is a bridechilla you ask? You don’t care about what your wedding party wears and you don’t make them help in the planning of your day. You want them to show up and smile(my famous line). Basically, I didn’t care what my bridesmaids did or didn’t do. To me, it was most important to keep my relationships with my bridesmaids.

Unfortunately, being a bridechilla isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either. Bridesmaids expect you to make a decision about what they are wearing the day of because these people are your friends and they know you want the “perfect day” and that includes making decisions. When you don’t make decisions, it puts the stress back on the bridesmaids.

I’ll admit I only made a decision about what my bridesmaids were going to wear the day we went to pick out their dresses. I knew I wanted mismatched style dresses because everyone had a different body type and I wanted everyone to look good and I didn’t want anyone to go broke buying a dress they couldn’t afford. Those were my two prerequisites.  I FINALLY made a decision that day when I realized everyone looked good in a shade of pink.

If you’re planning a wedding don’t be afraid to speak up. Having an opinion won’t make you a monster. This is YOUR day.

So tell me, were you a bridechilla or bridezilla? Have you encountered a bridezilla or bridechilla? 




4 thoughts on “Bridechilla or Bridezilla?

  1. I was definitely a bridechilla. The event planners at our venue constantly made reference to the fact that we were so easy-going about things.

    Don’t have napkins in the same shade of blue as my bridesmaid dresses? That’s okay… just find a blue that vaguely matches!

    Outdoor wedding venue got flooded and there’s a puddle the size of Lake Ontario right where we are supposed to say our vows? Can’t let that ruin our day! Move it inside!


    1. I’m sure that your wedding venue getting flooded out gives you a pass to be a bridezilla, but I’m glad you just rolled with it, since you couldn’t do anything about it.


  2. I was 100% a bridechilla. I had actually been a maid-of-honor/bridesmaid in FOUR other weddings during the same year we got married (April – October, my own was in December) and took on a lot of the event planning for my BFF’s….so I was a little wedding-ed out by the time mine rolled around. Haha. I learned what the few things were I actually cared about, and when some of those went wrong on the day of….I didn’t care as much as I thought. I was just so happy to be married, the ceremony was perfect! And I had been able to sew my own dream wedding dress like I had wanted to do my whole life. So it was a fantastic day, even if it wasn’t “Pinterest worthy” like the weddings I had helped my dear friends put together that year 🙂

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